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The mission of ThermoLife is to manufacture safe and dependable weight loss supplements. In a market that is filled with weight loss supplements that promise to deliver but end up failing in their claims, ThermoLife seeks to deliver only products that will stand up to their claims.

Every one of ThermoLife’s products are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are safe and dependable. They guarantee that their products will do what they claim.

They are an international company that specialize in manufacture 100% all natural and organic weight loss supplements.

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ThermoLife has been specializing in sports supplements. They seek to manufacture weight loss aids as well as muscle supplements. They have a full line of protein shakes and powders. They claim that their products will help build and maintain lean muscle.

The manufactures at ThermoLife guarantee that their products will live up to the claims on the label. Their mission has been to manufacture only products that will be dependable.

Every weight loss or sports supplement that is manufacture by ThermoLife goes through rigorous clinical testing. Every product that is manufactured must be approved by the FDA before release.

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  • ThermoLife products go through rigorous FDA and clinical testing before they are approved for sale. This guarantees that their products are safe and effective. It also gives customers the confidence to know that the product is safe and will live up to the claims of the manufacturers. ThermoLife is so confident that their products work they offer a 100% money back guarantee.
  • ThermoLife has an easy to use website. It is easy to navigate and the manufacturers provide plenty of before and after pictures. There are also customer reviews of each weight loss supplement that ThermoLife manufactures.


  • ThermoLife products can be relatively expensive. For a single bottle of a select product, they are $80.
  • Their products can often time be hard to locate.
  • Some people have reported severe side effects from using ThermoLife products.


ThermoLife products go through some of the most rigorous FDA and clinical testing for weight loss supplements on the market today. They are dedicated to only providing the best when it comes to weight loss supplements and muscle building aids. That is why they offer their customers a 100% money back guarantee on all their products. They are fully confident in every weight loss supplement that they manufacture.

For those who are simply seeking to shed a few pounds or try a different protein shake, ThermoLife products may not be the best choice. They may be a bit expensive and strong. However, they appear to hold up to their claims of rapid weight loss.

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    Thermolife is refunding money and recalling all the product due to death of 2 teenagers in 2 different states both of them were using thermolife products and had a fatal brain vein burst. 10 similar cases were found nation wide in which people using thermolife product had a major health issue and were rushed into hospital.
    The owner of thermolife a ex con and a drug trafficker turned to gov witness has yet not commented on the issue in public .- AP NEWS