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Have you ever noticed those slimming lotions and fat burning gels? These topical creams and gels will not increase fat loss or promote weight loss, but they will help the skin look thinner and leaner in a short period. The active ingredient in the products are caffeine-based or straight caffeine. There are usually other ingredients for skin softening and scent, but that may not be the case for Thiomucase. Thiomucase is a defining gel for bodybuilders. We did not find a dedicated ingredient list, but we did find the two active ingredients in the formula. Suffice it to say, this gel is not for the average dieter. It will not promote weight loss, but it will dehydrate the skin. Bodybuilders hit the stage in a state of dehydration; it is the only way to make the skin appear so thin and the body ripped. Right before competition, products like Thiomucase are the final step in competition performance.

List of Ingredients

Caffeine and Yohimbe.

Product Features

What do caffeine and yohimbe offer the bodybuilder in a topical gel? Dehydration. Bodybuilders work on dehydration from the inside out. They start by taking oral diuretics to force water out of the body. These diuretics push out all the water retained after using creatine. In addition, bodybuilders eat a lean diet and take fat burners to further increase the slimming process. Just before competition, when diet and oral supplements have done all they can to prepare the body for the judges, the bodybuilder takes it one step further with Thiomucase.

Caffeine and yohimbe absorb into the skin and dehydrate the space between fat cells. This causes the skin to tighten and smooth out, ideal for bodybuilding. Typically, lotions like Thiomucase are sold as fat burning supplements and weight loss aids, but the effect is short-lived and long-term use of stimulant creams is not an option as no real weight loss ever occurs.

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  • Will slim and tighten the skin.
  • Proven to dehydrate the space between fat cells.
  • Gives the bodybuilder the lean, tight look they need for competition.


  • Will not increase weight loss.
  • Does not melt fat.
  • The results will not last indefinitely.
  • Formulated with stimulants so there could be negative side effects.
  • Bodybuilders should not take stimulants while using Thiomucase.
  • Not designed for the dieter.
  • No dedicated ingredient list is available.


Thiomucase is a strong stimulant gel for bodybuilders. There is no reason to use this cream other than competition prep. It may be best to use the cream before tanning for competition, as the stimulants may have some effect on the chemicals in self-tanning lotions. It is important to follow the directions exactly to look perfect for competition.

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    gudo begum

    I liked to find out if woman can use thoimocase cream to tighten the loss skin on tummy?


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