Tony Little Circle Glide Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Tony Little, creator of the Gazelle elliptical system, is an innovator of products designed to improve a dieter’s overall health and well being. Throughout his career he has provided quality products to millions around the world.

His latest product, the Tony Little Circle Glide, is a unique version of gliding in order to work every muscle group. The concept is simple, dieters stand on footpads and move their legs outward. Attached bands provided increased resistance.

List of Ingredients

Gliding exercise machine designed to work all major muscle groups.

Product Features

The Tony Little Circle Glide uses a resistance system designed to work every muscle group. The dieter places their foot on the footpads and moves their legs outward. The entire base of the Tony Little Circle Glide rotates for an increased workout. The handle removes allowing the user to perform upper body exercises.

We found the Tony Little Circle Glide not truly effective for upper body exercise routine. The range of motion is limited, thus not providing an efficient workout. Many of the moves require more movement from the user instead of the machine.

The compact design of the Tony Little Circle Glide is ideal for smaller spaces. The Tony Little Circle Glide takes up a mere 4 feet when assemble and the handle removes for storage. Some assembly is required in the form of attaching the handle bar to the base.

We like the cost and bonus features of the Tony Little Circle Glide. Retailing for $130, the dieter receives an exercise guide, nutritional guide and power handle attachments for upper body workouts.

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  • Compact.
  • Nutritional guide provided.
  • Instructional video provided.


  • Not available on the official website.
  • Does not work the entire body.
  • Rotating base could cause the dieter to become imbalanced.
  • Foot pads not designed for an individual with a large foot.
  • Weight loss not guaranteed.


Tony Little offers many products designed to improve the overall health of a dieter. The Tony Little Circle Glide is one of his products designed to improve work major muscle groups and reduce weight. What we found was contrary to the claims. The Tony Little Circle Glide does not offer cardiovascular exercises which are proven to enhance weight loss. The machine offers only one set of resistance bands designed to tone major muscle groups. There is no indication of the amount of weight each resistance bands represents. Plus, no additional bands are available for purchase.

The machine itself is not designed for every person. The foot pads are small and not functional for individuals with larger feet. This fact could lead to injury as the foot could potentially get caught on the machine. We did like the price. Spending $130 is not that big of an investment.

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    I ordered the Circle Glide 2 yrs ago and just started assembling it. I found when putting the handle in the hole – it clicks in like it should but the “button” does not face the front – it’s on the “side”… what do I do to correct that?