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Tony Little is a popular name in fitness and weight loss. He is known for creating the Gazelle workout machine, but Little is doing more than that these days. He has paired with HSN, a shopping network, to sell a variety of homedics. The Tony Little pillow may not look like it has anything to do with fitness, but the support it gives the dieter can help improve sleep and maintain energy throughout the day without stimulants and caffeine. Sleep is quickly becoming one of the secret weapons for dieters and disease prevention.

The Tony Little Pillow supports neck and back alignment to improve sleep. The set comes with two pillows and two matching pillow cases. Finding the pillows for sale is a bit difficult because of popularity.

List of Ingredients

Micropedic Pillows and Pillow Cases.

Product Features

The Tony Little Pillow measures 21 inches long, 13 inches wide and 5 inches high. The pillows are created from polystyrene foam that does not flatten during the night. The foam is shaped to fit in the crook of the neck so proper alignment is maintained while sleeping. The Tony Little Pillow is ideal for dieters who sleep on their side of back. Stomach sleepers may not find the pillow as comfortable.

Tony Little chose to broaden his product line-up to support his main goal in life – “relax your body, renew your spirit and simplify your life.” Few dieters understand the power of good sleep, but multiple clinical studies have shown that people who sleep well at night tend to feel better, get sick less often and have more natural energy. Sleep has also be associated with reduced depression and anxiety.

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  • The Tony Little Pillow is available through HSN and other stores online.
  • The pillow supports the neck and spine for a better night’s sleep.


  • The price is higher than other bed pillows.
  • May not fit standard pillow cases.
  • Not ideal for stomach sleepers.
  • The product does not assist in weight loss.


The Tony Little Pillow is a supportive device that helps a dieter sleep well and recover. After a day of stress, dieting, exercise and family, sleep is the time when cells recover and the body resets. If sleep is broken or the dieter finds they wake often throughout the night, they may find they suffer from increased fatigue and lack of willpower.

While sleep is highly important, the dieter also needs to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program. Do not take caffeine in the afternoon or drink caffeinated beverages at night. These can alter sleep and prevent the body from falling into deep sleep where the real recovery happens.

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6 User Reviews about Tony Little Pillow

  • 1

    Are the pillows machine washable?


  • 2
    bobbi marr

    I have 2 tony little pillows for a few years now and want to know if they can go into the washing machine and dryer.


  • 3
    fidelis noronha

    Where can I get the pillows


  • 4
    vivian permuy

    Thank you for NOT replying to my question, real nice!!!!


  • 5
    vivian permuy

    I have got 2 of your pillows, and just love how comfortable they are, but I have a real problem, with them. I need to know what chemical is in them, that causes me to have bloodshot eyes every morning? I have had to stop using them!


  • 6

    the 2 pillow came with 2 cockroaches in the shipping. In addition the pillows did not help my neck pain.