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Tony Little is an international fitness celebrity better known as “America’s Fitness Trainer”. He has since been inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame. His products are known throughout the world as reliable, convenient and affordable. Throughout his 25 year career, Little speaks of his own personal struggle with weight loss. The products he markets are not only for the beginner, but the most elite athlete.

One product he stands behind is the Tony Little Shaper. This product, available on the official website, is designed to produce results through the use of an adjustable band with attached resistance bands. With a simple twist of the handles, the resistance increases from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs. Although Tony Little is a well known celebrity, will the Tony Little Shaper actually produce results?

List of Ingredients

Straight bar with attached resistance band.

Product Features

The Tony Little Shaper is a padded bar with resistance bands attached to both ends as well as a foot strap. Increasing the resistance involves twisting the bar either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The transition time between exercises is easy and involves moving the individual, not the product. The Tony Little Shaper is available with instructional DVD’s, online support group and diet plan.

Since the resistance generated comes from the resistance bands, the Tony Little Shaper does not have a recommended user weight capacity. What we found was not all exercises are designed for everyone. The exercises available do not offer an alternative to individuals with preexisting conditions such as lower back pain or knee/joint pain.

The compact design is ideal for someone who travels frequently. The Tony Little Shaper snaps apart and stores in the included bag. Weighting only 16 oz. the Tony Little Shaper is small enough to go anywhere.

The Tony Little Shaper is relatively inexpensive compared to similar products. At $40, the Tony Little Shaper is vale considering the bonus features included with the product. The product is available on the official website and offers a one year warranty.

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  • Online testimonials.
  • Available on the official website.
  • Compact.
  • Portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Diet plan included.
  • Online support group.
  • Clinically tested.


  • Documented weight loss was not specific to the Tony Little Shaper.
  • Additional resistance bands not available.


We like the Tony Little Shaper. The low impact nature of the Tony Little Shaper allows everyone from the beginner to the most elite athlete the ability to use the product. The included bonus features make the Tony Little Shaper a value at $40. We like that Tone Little addressed the need to incorporate a healthy diet with exercise by providing a healthy eating chart.

The downside of the Tony Little Shaper is that the product does not include any additional resistance bands. With the maximum resistance of 50 lbs., the Tony Little Shaper does not address the individual getting stronger through the use of the product. We also found that the claims of weight loss were not by using the Tony Little Shaper alone. The information regarding weight loss included an aggressive plan of using the Tony Little Shaper as well as diet and cardio.

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