’s Top 50 Health Blogs

At, we’ve read hundreds of blogs and websites discussing health and fitness. We get over 25,000 visitors every day, and readers are always emailing us with their blogs, and with sites they think we’ll like. Out of all of the sites we’ve checked out, these 50 are the ones we keep coming back to. We think they offer great insights into best health practices. Some are entertaining, some are serious, and some are inspirational. If you’ve got a blog you think should be on here, drop us a line. Happy reading!


Blog Name

100 Pounds
A Journey to Thin
Adventures of Gastric Girl
Ah… Me So Hongry
Amy’s Quest to Skinny
Cindy’s Low Carb Life
Confessions of a Carbohydrate Addict
Could be worse…could be raining
Diana’s Weight Loss Journey
Doing a 180
Environmental Booty
Fat Girl Dives In
Feed me I’m Cranky
Happy Texan
Hungry Girl
Live, Smile, Run
Lou Schuler
Low Fat Dressing
Matt Metzgar
Mommy’s Little Corner
Nature Moms Blog
Nubian Fitness Goddess
Prior Fat Girl
Project Look Good Naked
Second Opinions
Sheryl Yvette
Skinny Dreaming
Smaller Fun Pants
Spunkysuzi Working Towards a Healthier me
Sugar Shock! Blog
Swimming it off
The Best of my Abilty
The Daily Balance
The Tortoise
The World According to Cyclist Dr. Martha Castro
This is Why You’re Thin
Tips for Delicious and Healthy Cooking
Two years to Happy Weight After
Weighty Matters
Who Ate My Blog
Whole Food and More
Will Taft
WW For Life

We’ve seen some interesting new weight loss products on the market recently. One of the most incredible would have to be Cool Shapes , a line of apparel that promises to “freeze away the fat” by literally harnassing the power of shivering. We are also eagerly waiting to see if Contrave , an experimental new weight loss drug, receives FDA approval. This drug has been in development for several yeaers. Another interesting offering is Activia brand yogurt, which claims to help with digestion. However, as you’ll see from our reader comments, many people who have tried it have had negative reactions. It’s interesting to see what our readers have to say about products they’ve tried. For example, Bontril seems like a popular new offering, but unfortunately it is prescription only. We’ve seen some interesting new diets too. The Hallelujah Diet incorporates gospel music into a workout routine. Other pills, like Thermotox, really don’t offer anything new at all and seem to be a cookie cutter copy of similar thermogenics that we’ve seen over the years.

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