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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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FitnessQuest has a gem on its hands with the Total Gym 1000. The most basic model in the Total Gym line, the Total Gym 1000 is designed to maximize weight loss by allowing users to exercise without the use of resistance bands or free weights.

List of Ingredients

Pilates-style machine with no additional attachments.

Product Features

The Total Gym 1000 features six levels of resistance as the glide boards adjusts upward. As the machine adjusts so does the resistance levels. The maximum resistance level is 50% of the user’s weight and the lowest resistance level is 6% of the user’s weight. The Total Gym 1000 does not offer attachments such as the squat stand or the pull-up bar. Being the basic model in the Total Gym series, the user receive the machine and nothing more.

We liked the fact the Total Gym 1000 offers guidance regarding the maximum height and weight. The recommended height and weight is 6 feet and 250 lbs. Although the recommendations are in place, not all dieters fit into this mold. We also found the exercises do not accommodate an individual at the maximum stature. When the Total Gym 1000 is at the maximum height, an individual could potentially find exiting the machine difficult.

The size of the Total Gym 1000 makes it a space saver. Fully extended, the machine reaches a height of 48 inches. When folded the height reaches 10 inches. This enables users to easily store the Total Gym 1000 under a bed or in a closet without worry.

The price of the Total Gym 1000 is inexpensive compared to latter models in the Total Gym line. At $219, the Total Gym 1000 is a sound investment for the cost conscience dieter. The only thing we would have liked to see included were more accessories or at least the ability to upgrade the equipment. Unfortunately, finding the Total Gym 1000 presents difficulty. The Total Gym 1000 is no longer available on the official website, only on third party ecommerce sites such as

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  • Space saver design.
  • Posted weight and height recommendations.
  • Uses body resistance instead of free weight or resistance bands.


  • Additional attachments not included.
  • Certain exercises require strength and stability.
  • Exiting the Total Gym 1000 is potentially difficult for some individuals.
  • Does not include a diet plan.
  • Not all dieters fit into the height and weight recommendations.


We like the Total Gym 1000. The total body work without the need for resistance bands or free weights, combined with a low price allows users to get an inexpensive high-quality piece of fitness equipment. What the Total Gym 1000 lacks in attachments, it makes up for in affordability. Praise aside, the Total Gym 1000 lacks the ability to compete with latter models. The weight and height recommendations suit a portion of dieters, but not all. Another detrimental factor is the lack of a comprehensive diet plan. Losing weight requires proper diet and exercise, not one or the other.

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