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Weider is a known leader in the world of fitness equipment. Not to be out done by competitors, it introduced the Total Gym 5000. The machine features upgrades verses standard models, including resistance bands. The Total Gym 5000 is available on the official website for $149. We took a close look at the Total Gym 5000 and found this product stands out from the rest.

List of Ingredients

Pilates-style glide board featuring seven incline positions and resistance bands.

Product Features

The Total Gym 5000 is a Pilates-style machine designed to work every muscle group without the need for free weights. The product features seven incline positions as well as resistance bands totaling 50 lbs. The majority of the resistance generates from the users’ body weight. The maximum user-generated resistance equals 60% of the total body weight.

The Total Gym 5000 offers height and weight recommendations. This is a positive for the dieter looking for fitness equipment designed to fit their body structure. The maximum weight is 250 lbs., while the maximum height is six feet. Although the recommendations are in place, this may not fit well with all dieters looking to lose weight. Someone above average will look past the Total Gym 5000 for a machine designed to fit their body structure.

The space saving design of the Total Gym 5000 allows users to easily store the machine under a bed or in a closet when not in use. The height of the Total Gym 5000 is a mere 26 inches. The Total Gym 5000 is shipped fully assembled, so the dieter can begin exercising as soon as the product is removed from the shipping container.

The cost is an industry low $149. Similar models sell for at minimum of $400 to $500. The cost conscience dieter will find the price appealing.

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  • No assembly required.
  • Space saving design.
  • Resistance bands designed to increase overall resistance.
  • Seven-position incline glide board.
  • Uses body weight as the initial resistance.
  • No need for free weights.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Not designed for individuals weighing more than 250 lbs. and taller than 6 feet.
  • Certain exercises require prior experience using an inclined machine.


Hands down, the Total Gym 5000 is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment in its category. The features are upgraded from the base models allowing users to incorporate resistance bands during weight training. The included squat stand allows users to perform lower body exercises, unlike the traditional model. The price is the lowest we have seen at $149. Although the Total Gym 5000 is not available on the official website, the machine is available at several ecommerce websites.

A few things that would make the Total Gym 5000 a better piece of equipment is if it included a diet plan associated with the exercise chart. A dieter should be informed of the correct foods to consume to balance their weight training. The Total Gym 5000 should also address the fact users above 250 lbs. and six feet tall are not recommended. This fact alone excludes many dieters looking to lose extra pounds.

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