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What You Should Know

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Trim Vitamin sounds very healthy, but does the product really do what the name suggests? You are working to be trim so why not use vitamins to accomplish this goal? Trim Vitamin advertises that it will help your body’s immune system and energy level as well as promote weight loss. The way that Trim Vitamin manufacturers work this weight loss program is through a series of 30 shots taken weekly. It’s primary, but not only, ingredients are B12 and B6. It is sold inexpensively for $29.95 for thirty weeks. That works out to around $1 a week.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6: effects your metabolism

Vitamin B12: effects your metabolism

Methionine: an amino acid

Choline: a nutrient also believed by some to be a lipotrop that assists the body with weight loss

Inositol: believed by some to be a fat burner

Leucine: an amino acid associated with muscles

Chromium: effects blood sugar levels and is advertised as a top weight loss ingredient

Product Features

The product promises to not only help with weight loss but also help with moodiness and metabolism. Trim Vitamin seeks to provide a weekly injection that has long lasting effects to help you burn that fat. Trim Vitamin manufacturers advertise that the deficiencies of the primary ingredient, B12 (also called Cyanobalamin), supposedly effects many other bodily functions such as muscle, vision, and mood problems.

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  • The treatment comes complete with syringes, alcohol swabs, and band aids.
  • This product is inexpensive at just about $1 a week.
  • There are good reviews on product’s website.
  • Trim Vitamin can be ordered online.


  • Trim Vitamin manufacturers do not specify how long it takes to lose the weight or how much weight this product can help you lose.
  • There are no before/after photos.
  • There is not a money back guarantee.
  • The Trim Vitamin website doesn’t promote a healthy lifestyle such as healthy eating and exercise.
  • This product is not a pill or capsule – you have to inject it!
  • This product is criticized by some reviews that it does not work.


Trim Vitamin does not stand out as a product that is very different from just a daily vitamin except that you only have to inject it weekly. It is composed of natural ingredients like vitamins and amino acids. It does not give specifics at all about the rate of weight loss or even an indication as to how long you would have to take this product. Look for a product that promotes a healthy lifestyle, has promotions that solidly back it up, and a less painful delivery method. This product might be your answer, but make sure that you do some thorough research first.

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