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The background to the “high energy” drink Tunguska Blast is certainly original and interesting. Tunguska Blast is named after the huge explosion from a meteor that exploded over Siberia in 1908. After the explosion the communities living around the Tunguska Valley, in and around where the explosion took place, noticed that the explosion had an incredibly positive impact on the soil. They claimed that the plants and trees which grew following the meteor explosion in this area grew faster than in other areas and were more nutritious and healthier. Tunguska Blast is made up of roots, and plants in this area.


The ingredients in Tunguska Blast consist of, Siberian Ginseng, Schizandra, Marchurian Thorn Tree, Hawthorne Berry, Chaga Root, Mountain Ash, Rhodiola Rosea, Mara Root, Liquorice Root, Sargents Virburnum.

Product Features

Those who conceived the energy drink Tunguska Blast say that it will improve your energy levels and your mental clarity. Those marketing it say that it can also help you lose weight. There is an official website for Tunguska Blast and the drink can be ordered directly from the site. Siberian ginseng, which is in Tunguska Blast, is a common ingredient in a number of other weight loss products, as is licorice root. The drink is also high in adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs and plants that support your immune system and nervous system, and also help your body react to stress. Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea and Schizandra are all types of adaptogens. Sargents Virburnum, which is in Tunguska Blast, helps keep Vitamin C active in the body. Ten percent of the sale proceeds of Tunguska blast are donated to children’s charities such as World Vision. There are testimonials for Tunguska Blast online and a number of people have experienced increased energy levels after drinking it.

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  • There is an official website for Tunguska Blast.
  • Tunguska Blast can be ordered directly online.
  • Ten percent of the sale proceeds of Tunguska Blast are donated to children’s charities.


  • Tunguska Blast would seem to resemble a high energy drink, rather than a weight loss product.
  • There have been no controlled standardized trials carried out on Tunguska Blast.
  • There do not seem to be free trial samples of Tunguska Blast available.
  • Not all users may like the taste of this drink.


At the end of the day the ethos of the company that makes Tunguska Blast is commendable. They donate ten percent of the proceeds of sale of Tunguska blast to recognized children’s charities. Tunguska blast is a high energy drink and it is therefore unlikely to be something that will result major weight loss. Of course the increased energy from drinking it may motivate you to move around more and thus lose some weight. At the moment we cannot recommend it over and above other weight loss products on the market.

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    What herbs if any is in this drnk does it have an antioxidants in the drink, does it help belly fat?


  • 2
    Donna Taylor

    Is Tungusk Blast really from the soil of Tunguska Valley


  • 3
    Donna Taylor

    Did ingredients really come the Tunguska valley where the event took place?