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Wouldn’t every dieter want to lose nine time the amount of fat verses traditional cardio routines? Turbo Fire Advanced claims this to be true through the after burn effect. Simply put, Turbo Fire Advanced keeps a dieter’s metabolism working through high intensity interval training even after a workout is complete. These are huge claims, will Turbo Fire Advanced live up to them?

List of Ingredients

High intensity interval training exercise routines.

Product Features

Turbo Fire Advanced is a high intensity exercise program created by fitness personality Chalene Johnson. This program utilizes high intensity interval training to maximize weight and fat loss. The complete Turbo Fire Advanced set features 10 DVD’s, exercise mat, resistance bands, fitness guide and access to an online support center.

The intensity of Turbo Fire Advanced leads us to believe the product is not designed for the average dieter. We found the sequences challenging and difficult to master unless the dieter has experience with high intensity interval training. Turbo Fire Advanced does not include a low-impact version seen on similar training videos. The expectation is to jump in head first and the beginner could find this program too difficult.

The price of Turbo Fire Advanced exceeds the competition. At $250, Turbo Fire Advanced is overpriced for the average dieter. Especially if the dieter cannot perform the exercise routines.

We like product to claim one thing and support those claims with scientific research. Turbo Fire Advanced claims dieters burn nine time the fat verses traditional cardiovascular exercises. This may be the case, but we could not find research proving the claim.

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  • Available on the official website.


  • Expensive.
  • Moves not designed for all dieters.
  • Does not include a diet plan.
  • Claims not supported by scientific research.
  • Does not offer a low-impact alternative.
  • Money-back guarantee.


Chalene Johnson definitely has an intense workout on her hands. Turbo Fire Advanced rivals P90X in terms of intensity. The wildly popular Turbo Fire classes are boxed up and ready for dieters. Unfortunately, Turbo Fire Advanced is not for the average dieter. The sequences throughout Turbo Fire Advanced are intense with no available low-impact option. Several of the moves requires jumping and squatting not typically done by individuals with joint problems.

Aside from the intensity, we found the claims of fat burning to be untrue. Turbo Fire Advanced claims it produces nine time the fat burn than traditional exercise routines by creating an “after burn effect” . There is no clinical research supporting high intensity interval training as the most effective means of burning extra fat. Also, Turbo Fire Advanced doesn’t address diet. Performing Turbo Fire Advanced followed by an unhealthy diet counteracts the exercise.

Unless a dieter has deep pockets, don’t think about purchasing Turbo Fire Advanced. The complete set cost more than $250. This is expensive compared to other interval training DVD’s.

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