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Turbo Shaker is a company that has designed a weight loss supplement that is supposed to help dieters shed pounds more quickly. The company claims to make weight loss easier to achieve through their special formula blended specifically for people who want to lose extra pounds. Turbo Shaker states that they created the product to help work fast and easily. The company has also designed a small blender that operates by batter power and is purportedly able to take on the same functions of a full size blender that cost more. Turbo Shaker markets itself as a convenient way to combine solid food with liquids. The company claims using the supplement along with the blender will make it fast and easy for the dieter to reduce the time it takes to make meals, smoothies and shakes.

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Product Features

The mini blender called the Turbo Shaker has a 24 fl ounce capacity. The blender can be used anywhere because it is battery operated, however packing the blender may be cumbersome and actually traveling with it may be awkward as well. Some people have used the mini blender while at the beach or on beach vacations. The blender parts do not have to be disassembled in order to clean the Turbo Shaker. It does need soaked and then wiped clean. The blender can be used with other types of foods as well including batters, infant supplement and protein shakes. Custom salad dressing can also be prepared in the blender. The company makes the Turbo Shaker mini blender to be used in conjunction with their Turbo Shaker diet supplement.

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  • Turbo Shaker is small and battery operated.
  • Turbo Shaker is easy to clean because it does not have to be disassembled before washing.
  • Turbo Shaker can be used for mixes in addition to the diet supplements.
  • Turbo Shaker offers a money back guarantee for up to 30 days to any customer who is not satisfied with the product.


  • Turbo Shaker can be hard to travel with because it is not easy to pack along with other items.
  • Turbo Shaker is small so the amount to be mixed at one time is limited.
  • Turbo Shaker is not available in a variety of colors.


The maker of Turbo Shaker is located in Australia. The small appliance designer has applied for a patent based on the technology used in the design of the appliance. According to advertising done by the company the technology is supposed to make the blender be able to process solids and liquids the same as a full size blender.

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