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Ultra90 is a formula of collagen protein that works as a nutritional supplement and is supposed to help your body shed unwanted fat and toxins. Ultra90 is all natural and the manufacturer states that it will support your body’s lean muscle and help boost your metabolism. Ultra90 doesn’t curb your appetite or burn fat but instead is supposed to encourage your body to burn off the extra fat and sugars more efficiently than it normally would on its own. Ultra90 is also marketed as an energy-boosting supplement to those who are underweight and in good physical shape.

As we get older, our bodies don’t digest food proteins as efficiently as they used to and the ability to produce and maintain collagen decreases. This causes visible damage such as wrinkles, stiff joints, and dull hair. Ultra90 claims to replace some of this collagen and reverses all of these maladies in one way or another. Dull hair becomes vibrant, stiff joints loosen up, and flexibility increases.

Ultra90 has undergone a few changes over the past few months. One list of ingredients says it has green tea but not vitamin C. Listed below is the current list of ingredients directly from the official website that we found as of this writing.

List of Ingredients

AM and PM formula: Marine Collagen Protein, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Safflower Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Bees Wax, Lecithin.

Liquid formula: Marine Collagen Protein, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Purified Water, Fructose, Natural Cherry Flavor, Whey Protein Isolate, Caseinate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Calcium propionate, Citric Acid, FD & C Red #40.

Product Features

Ultra90 is all-natural and has no herbal stimulants. This will be beneficial to those who are sensitive to caffeine and any other type of stimulant. The website insists that you don’t have to combine this product with exercise to see weight loss, but you are encouraged to exercise and have a healthy diet to achieve the supplement’s maximum results.

Ultra90′s main ingredient is collagen protein which is supposed to be a nutritional supplement, toxin eliminator, and fat burner. This collagen protein is advertised to have the ability to repair tendons and joints, rejuvenate skin and hair, build strong nails, and also increase energy while burning fat. There is a daytime formula, nighttime formula, and a liquid version of both. This is good for those users who have problems swallowing pills. The official website recommends using both the AM and PM formulas if you desire to lose 40 or more pounds.

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  • You can buy this product cheaply from third party distributors.
  • All natural and stimulant free.
  • Full ingredient list is given.


  • No money back guarantee.
  • Does not curb appetite.
  • Ingredients change regularly.
  • Manufactured outside the US, where quality control laws can be less stringent.


A product that is all natural and free of stimulants is always worth taking a closer look at but Ultra90 doesn’t seem to have much going for it as a weight loss product. The exact effects of ingesting collagen haven’t been studied enough to know if they are beneficial or not. You may want to stick to something that has a known appetite suppressant to curb your hunger and that also contains some type of fat burning compounds. If you are a firm believer that collagen in an ingestible form is right for you, this product may have what you are looking for but make sure to shop around to get it at the best price possible. Considering that we’ve seen no evidence in favor of ingestible collagen stimulating weight loss, we’d probably keep looking.

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    how much water do you drink with the am and or the pm