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Vibra Tone is a vibrating exercise band that works on the theory that vibration stimulates the muscles and forces spontaneous movement. Much like traditional exercise, muscles will contract and expand, but via reflex action. In a sense, exercise without a workout. Advertisements regarding this product state that a few minutes with the belt each day will ‘vibrate body fat off.’ In addition to the abdominals, the belt works for the oblique regions, hips, gluts, thighs and arms. To backup their claims, Gymform offers an article from 2006 that followed 15 adult volunteers as they used the belt for 30 minutes a day. The study reports that, after two weeks, all subjects showed evidence of minimal weight loss plus reduction around the thighs, buttocks, and abdominal areas.


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Product Features

The Vibra Tone belt supplies five different intensity levels of oscillating massage. The website does not give specifics on the power supply. However, there is no mention of a power cord or AC adapter. The assumption is the power comes from batteries. Units ship with the belt, carrying case and a free measuring tape. The product carries a one-year warranty. The producer of Vibra Tone belts, Gymform, headquarters and ships from the United Kingdom. Pricing, including shipping fees, lists at around 47.00 pounds or 68.37 U.S. dollars. This vibrating belt is the approximate size of a cumberbund.

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  • Product is light, which helps reduce shipping fees.
  • There is a clinical trial with backup documents available on the website to support the worthiness of Vibra Tone.
  • Gymform claims to offer a one-year guarantee for their products.


  • Little customer reviews available for Vibro Tone.
  • It is unclear what energy source the Vibra Tone band utilizes. Since there is no power cord, one can assume it requires batteries.
  • Well known retailers of fitness equipment do not seem to supply this product, limiting distribution channels.
  • There is no indication in the promotion or documentation to demonstrate the Vibra Tone belt burns calories. Calorie burn is the key component to significant weight loss.


The debate over the effectiveness of vibration exercise has been in play for a century. Studies conclude vibration does stimulate muscles and inspire movement. This action may lead to overall toning. Significant weight loss occurs when the body utilizes stored fat for energy. Nothing suggests that the Vibra Tone exercise machine promotes fat burn. It might help firm up muscles and tone large muscle groups. The study indicates that the majority of users did experience some reduction around central body regions, such as the waist. The advertisements seem to suggest that a Vibra Tone belt can replace conventional exercise. However, it is likely that anyone requiring significant weight loss will still need to develop a proper diet and more effective exercise.

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    i like it


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    gymform vibra tone its realy work to reduce the stomac size in how many days pls give responce