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The creator of Vita Trim Pro defines their product as a “weight loss enhancer.” Vita Trim Pro promises to play a key role in metabolic issues the lead to obesity and yo-yo dieting. A daily regiment claims to encompass an adaptive thermogenesis to reinvigorate the metabolism. The result is increased calorie burn, healthy blood sugar levels and reduced carbohydrates. The main ingredients, Fucoxanthin and Hoodia, work to suppress appetite and eliminate cravings.


Garcinia, Hoodia, Fucoxanthin, Gymnema. L-Carnitine, Potassium, Amino Acid Chelate, Selenium, Chromium, Magnesium

Product Features

Vita Trim Pro is a weight loss supplement that claims to increase metabolism while reducing hunger and cravings. According to the brochure provided on the manufacturer’s website, Vita Trim Pro contains no stimulants such as Ephedra or caffeine. Recommended use of this product includes three capsules a day, 30-60 minutes before eating. Each pill should be taken with at least 8 ounces of water. In addition to use of Vita Trim Pro, New Spirit Naturals suggests utilizing a low fat diet and avoiding sugary foods. Vita Trim Pro collaborates with another New Spirit product, CarbMate Carb Controller. This offering is a powdered meal replacement plan. Bottles of Vita Trim Pro sell for $26.21 and include 90-capsules. One bottle is a one-month supply. CarbMate Carb Controller retails for $29.96 and includes 80 servings.

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  • Website provides full disclosure of ingredients and information regarding this product.
  • Online distribution system for easy ordering.
  • New Spirits Naturals has a comprehensive advertising campaign that includes a number of videos explaining Vita Trim Pro.


  • Limited number of consumer reviews of Vita Trim Pro or CarbMate.
  • The F.D.A. has not approved Vita Trim Pro


New Spirit Naturals manufacturers Vita Trim Pro as a dietary weight loss supplement used with a meal replacement formula. This product promises to decrease appetite and increase metabolism. Vita Trim claims to step up the body’s potential to burn additional calories and mange blood sugar. The documentation on the pill suggests that for the product to be effective, one must adapt a low fat diet. Vita Trim Pro features many of the same components that other weight loss supplements offer. Hoodia, a key ingredient in Vita Trim Pro, is a compound produced from a flowering South African plant. This herb does appear to provide some appetite-suppressing chemicals, specifically “P57.” The problem with products such as Vita Trim Pro is the lack of clinical studies to support the claims. The scientific community has not tested or investigated thoroughly Hoodia compounds. Vita Trim Pro makes some big noise about how it affects the human body, but fails to provide much in the way of evidence.

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    Hello, you can send Vita trim pro product to UK?


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    I have been taking Trimpro for only 4 weeks and I have already lost 21 pounds!


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    How do I know how Manny to take a day


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    Take only 1 a day.


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