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What You Should Know

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Vital-RezV is a popular product that is designed to ward off the effects of aging. It contains Reservatrol, an anti-oxidant product that is commonly found in red wine, and that is in widespread evidence in the Mediterranean diet. The official website of Vital-RezV claims that it is currently the top selling anti-aging pill in the USA, and that the product can help reduce the appearance of aging by minimizing lines and wrinkles, improving health and well being, and by promoting vitality among users.

List Of Ingredients

The main active ingredient of Vital-RezV is Reservatrol, a naturally occurring anti-oxidant. A more detailed list of the product’s ingredients is not available.

Product Features

Vital-RezV is designed to reduce the effect of aging in users. Little information about how the product is to be taken can be found on the company website, but the website claims that its product offers the highest potency of Vital-RezV on the market. Users who wish to purchase the product must sign up for a 15 day “free” trial-they should note that they will have to pay for shipping costs-and will then be billed $79.95 monthly for ongoing provision of the product. The company that manufacturers Vital-RezV notes that users will need to take the supplement for at least 30 days in order to see results, meaning that users will need to undertake the 15 day free trial, and then pay for a month’s supply before seeing results.

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  • A number of positive testimonials about improved health and weight loss are found on the website
  • A 15 day trial can be ordered for free (plus postage and handling) from the company website
  • The product appears to be all natural, and Reservatrol has been picked up in the media as a result of research indicating that it may improve health and result in weight loss


  • A numbers of users have complained about not receiving the product or about being overbilled
  • Research related to Reservatrol has only looked at the anti-oxidant itself rather than the efficacy of Vital-RezV
  • The website notes that testimonials and information provided have not been reviewed by the FDA
  • Users should be cautious about the ongoing nature of the payment plan


While research relating to Reservatrol has seen some positive results, users should note that the product Vital-RezV itself has not been the subject of scientific review. They should be cautious when subscribing to a payment plan such as the one offered on the Vital-RezV, particularly as there are a number of user complaints regarding not receiving the product or being overbilled. Users should note that Vital-RezV is not specifically designed to aid weight loss, and makes no claims in relation to being able to do so.

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