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After getting that small but on your arm, cells rush to the surface and begin the healing process by stopping the bleeding. This is called coagulation and without vitamin K the process would not occur. Vitamin K is found in plant and animal species and is used differently in each. For humans, vitamin K is essential to proper healing but it does more than that. Vitamin K also works with amino acids and calcium binding.

There is no direct link between vitamin K and weight loss that we could find. But, the body does need vitamin K for overall health, which is reason enough to ensure proper levels in the body when undertaking a weight loss journey.

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Vitamin K supplement.

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Vitamin K is one of the few vitamins that are reserved by the body. Unlike B vitamins that are excreted in urine, a vitamin K supplement is stored in fat cells. During weight loss, vitamin K levels in the body will naturally increase as fat is metabolized. Adults require 90 to 100 mcg of vitamin K per day. Good food sources of the vitamin include cooked broccoli, raw kale, raw spinach and raw parsley. Green leafy vegetables are the best source of all-natural vitamin K.

If the diet is severely restricted or a dieter has absorption problems in the intestine, a vitamin K supplement may be required. There are three forms of vitamin K – K1, K2 and K3. K1 and K2 are naturally occurring with no toxicity. K3 is a synthetic form of vitamin K that has been banned for use in over the counter supplements due to increased risk of allergic reactions and hemolytic anemia.

While clinical research does not support huge increases in weight loss from taking a vitamin K supplement, it is important to look at the body as a machine. When one small part of the machine is broken or not working properly, the entire machine is affected. Weight loss puts great pressure on body systems and keeping vitamins and minerals at sufficient levels is important to keeping everything healthy and working well. Experts agree that most vitamins should be consumed through food sources in place of supplementation due to increased absorption.

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  • Supports healthy blood clotting.
  • May help keep bones strong or increase bone strength.


  • Vitamin K may inhibit function of blood thinners.
  • Fat is required to use Vitamin K.


Dieters need to keep their body healthy during any weight loss and exercise plan. A vitamin K supplement can help some dieters achieve this, but most often food sources are more important that supplemental vitamin sources. Dieters should try to include green leafy vegetables to lunch and dinner for increased vitamin K.

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