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​What You Should Know

Vitamist is a unique company that sells oral spray vitamins and supplements. Dieters do not have to drink a liquid or swallow a pill. There are no powders to consume to injections to take. All the vitamins, nutrients and ingredients are included in a mist that sprays directly into the mouth. The company claims an absorption rate of up to 90-percent. Typically, oral vitamins do not absorb as well as vitamins consumed via whole foods. Vitamist may help increase absorption, but that does not mean the vitamins they offer are the best value for the consumer.

List of Ingredients

eSBelty Boost: Vitamin B5; Vitamin B6; Vitamin E; Chromium; Garcinia cambogia extract; Coenzyme Q10; L-Carnitine; with purified water; glycerin; polysorbate 80; natural spearmint flavor; potassium sorbate; stevia.

Slender-Mist: Purified Water; Glycerin; Natural Fruit Juice Sweetener; L-Carnitine; Panthenol (B5); Sorbitol; Polysorbate 80 (phytonutrient); Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6); Garcinia cambogia extract; Potassium sorbate; Chromium polynicotinate; Natural Flavor.

Product Features

The ingredient page of the Vitamist website is a bit confusing. The company lists every ingredient they use in the entire line of Vitamist supplements. This list does not mean all of the ingredients are used in one supplement. Consumer may view the list and think they need to purchase just one all-inclusive supplement for optimal health, but that is NOT the case. There are two Vitamist products designed specifically for weight loss – Slender-Mist and eSBelty Boost. ​

eSBelty Boost is designed for use with a powdered weight loss supplement. The ingredients include several B vitamins. B vitamins offers a healthy boost of energy. Chromium is a natural appetite suppressant. It control blood glucose levels and prevents cravings. Garcinia cambogia is a fat burner once thought to be safe for most dieters. Recently, this ingredient has been linked to possible liver failure. Dieters need to watch current news reports for supplement ingredients for any changes or warnings about weight loss supplements. There are currently clinical trials testing the potential side effects of garcinia cambogia, also known as hydroxycitric acid. Co-Enzyme Q10 support healthy heart function.

Slender-Mist contains several of the same ingredients as eSBelty Boost, including garcinia cambogia. Dieters should not take any weight loss supplement with this ingredient until clinical trials are completed proving the ingredient is indeed safe.

Vitamist may offer increased absorption, but the weight loss line leaves much to be desired. The main fat burning ingredient is associated with a huge potential health risk.

Vitamist sprays sell for about $25 per mister. One mister lasts 30 doses.

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  • Vitamist sells a long list of healthy dietary supplements and vitamins.
  • May be more easily absorbed than oral pills.


  • Weight loss products are not effective.
  • Garcinia cambogia may be a dangerous ingredient.
  • The product is expensive.


Vitamist offers a unique delivery system for vitamins and supplements, but that does not deter the fact that the weight loss supplements on the website leave much to be desired. Dieters should not take any supplement that contains potentially dangerous ingredients. Green tea, caffeine and chromium are safe and effective in oral form. These ingredients are also much cheaper than the $25 mister sold by Vitamist. Some of the products sold by Vitamist are in powder form, which could be confusing if these products are not absorbed as well as those delivered with the mister.

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