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Fat-burning products have been in the news in recent years, with more and more dieters looking towards such products in order to shed their unwanted kilos. Fat-burning products trigger thermogenesis in individuals, encouraging their body to burn energy through shivering or increasing body heat. This is then thought to results in some degree of weight loss. There are a number of fat-burning products on the market, one of which is VPX RedLine RTD, a fat-burning product containing the ingredients Evoburn and caffeine, both of which can have an effect on body temperature.

List Of Ingredients

Evoburn is the major active ingredient in VPX RedLine RTD. The second main ingredient in VPX RedLine RTD is caffeine, which is drawn from sources including green tea, coffee, yohimbine, and yerba mate. The products are available in four flavors: triple berry, peach mango, mandarin orange, and grape; these products may contain artificial flavors.

Product Features

VPX RedLine RTD encourages weight-loss and fat burning by causing the body to shiver. Shivering is a process designed to raise the body temperature, and can burn large levels of energy. However, VPX RedLine RTD has a second component that also raises the body temperature, which its manufacturer claims makes it doubly as effective in burning calories and therefore burning fat. Both Evoburn and caffeine are considered to be able to change body temperature, and therefore may have some effect in terms of weight loss and fat reduction. However, users should be aware of the potential dangers of the large amounts of caffeine included in these products, and those with caffeine sensitivities should be particularly sure to heed any warnings. The product is available in 8 ounce bottles, and the manufacturer suggests beginning by taking 2 ounces of the product a day, before moving up to 4 ounces. It is noted that a dosage of 8 ounces should not be exceeded. VPX RedLine RTD costs $14 for a 4 pack.

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  • Research indicates that this product’s active ingredients can trigger thermogenesis
  • Careful usage and dosage information is given
  • Warnings and additional product information are provided on the manufacturer’s websites


  • Caffeine-sensitive individuals may experience adverse effects
  • This product is aimed at the serious athlete market


VPX RedLine RTD is a product that is designed to help users burn fat and energy by triggering a shivering response while simultaneously increasing body temperature. Both of the active ingredients in this product are thought to have some effect on weight loss, but users should be aware that the major component of this product is a stimulant. Those who are sensitive to caffeine should be careful when looking at using this product, and may wish to consult a medical professional before doing so. In addition, users should ensure that they heed the manufacturer’s warnings with regard to this product, as it may trigger adverse reactions in some.

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