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What You Should Know

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Wakunaga is a Japanese pharmaceutical company that products healthy living supplements. The official website does not list specific products sold by the company, but other retailers online sell Wakunaga products. Wakunaga has been formulating supplements since 1955. Products sold by the company cover a wide range of health concerns including cholesterol health, menopause and digestive health. Most products sold by Wakunaga fall into the garlic and heart health category. No weight loss supplements are offered but Kyo-Green Powder and Kyo-Green Tablets claim to increase energy. Products carrying the Wakunaga name sell for $10 to $40 per bottle.

List of Ingredients

Kyo-Green Powder and Tablets: Kyo-Green Powder Proprietary Blend – Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, FOS (from chicory root), Cooked Brown Rice, Chorella and Kelp.

Product Features

Some online retailers list Wakunaga Kyo-Green products as providing energy support. Other websites list the product for intestinal and digestive health. It is clear from the ingredients that both could be true on some level. Barley Grass and Wheat Grass provide antioxidant support. Antioxidants help to heal damaged cells affected by free radicals. When damaged cells are replaced by healthy cells, the body is able to work more efficiently to heal, grow and recover. Chorella is added as a source of protein, but studies indicate that processing chorella reduces the effectiveness of the plant. According to clinical studies, any nutritional value the live plant possesses is lost when the plant is processed.

Kelp is another ingredient in Wakunaga Kyo-Green that may provide substantial support for overall help. While kelp byproducts are most commonly found as thickeners in ice cream, salad dressing and toothpaste – research shows some weight loss benefits as well. In 2010, researchers found kelp decreased fat absorption and thus could prove to be a beneficial ingredient in weight loss products. Even though Wakunaga does not sell weight loss products, kelp is a common ingredient.

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  • Wakunaga supplements are priced within reason.
  • All ingredients were found listed online.
  • Kelp may help reduce fat absorption.
  • Antioxidants may improve overall health.


  • Wakunaga does not sell any weight loss supplements.
  • Only outside retailers sell the company’s products.
  • Not all ingredients are clinically proven to work as stated.


Wakunaga is a supplement company that provides support for overall health and select health conditions. The dieter may not find a fat burner or weight loss supplement in the product line, but some products include ingredients that could support healthy weight loss. Product prices are within reason and consumers can easily purchase products online.

Some Wakunaga supplements could be used in conjunction with other supplements, including fat burners. If the dieter wants proven fat burning support with the aid of a strong antioxidant, Wakunaga supplements may be the answer.

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