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It’s time to reach warp speed with a caffeine product that helps your mouth smell great and your mind focus. Warp Mints contain caffeine and a boost of freshness for your breath. There are lots of energy mints on the market – so Warp is not the first product in this category. Warp Mints are the product of Big Sky Brands. There are quite a few energy products on the website and there is a link for private label sales. Private labeling means the company will formulate your product and pack it in a cool container for you to sell – for a price. There is a chance that the same ingredients found in Warp Mints are available in other products created by Big Sky Brand. You would never know the two products are connected.

Warp Mints contain only 10 mg of caffeine per mint. That is too little caffeine to have any effect on energy or focus. You could consume half the tin before feeling a strong push of energy, but by that time you would have consumed 250 mg of caffeine and could suffer side effects later. In moderation, this product supplies a good source of prolonged caffeine intake. If you eat the whole tin you are going to feel pretty crappy for a while and could suffer dangerous side effects.

List of Ingredients


  • Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Guarana
  • Ginseng

Product Features

Warp Mints are nothing more than candy-like breath mints with caffeine. We like these products if they add just a small bit of caffeine per mint because consumers have a tendency to use products like Warp Mints as candy – not breath mints. This time around you’d have to eat 8 to 10 mints to really feel the effect. The effect could take up to 15 minutes to start. If you consume just one mint and leave the rest behind – you’re not even going to notice the caffeine.

Warp Mints look like candy, so keep the mints away from children and adults with medical conditions. Older adults may want to skip this mint as well. Warp Mints are not a substitute for a fat burner or appetite suppressant. Caffeine can increase appetite and cause dehydration.

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  • The ingredients are listed online.
  • Warp Mints taste great.
  • One mint supplies just 10 mg of caffeine.


  • If you eat the whole tin you will notice negative side effects.
  • The product looks like other mints and could be mistaken for candy by kids.


We like the fact that Warp Mints contains just 10 mg of caffeine per mint. Dieters could take one an hour and easily boost energy levels and metabolism, but eating the entire tin could cause problems.

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