Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym Review

Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

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Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym offers a new and exciting look at what fitness machines could be in the future. What makes the machine different is the digital resistance control. Users can choose a given weight resistance and digitally change from one weight to another on the fly. There are no rods to change or plates to add. In addition to digitally changing weight, the machine is pre-programmed with nine workouts – 3 calorie based, 3 toning based and 3 strength based.

The sales price for the Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym varies between retailers. Some sell the machine for as high as $1,599 while others list the price at $499. The huge price difference could be an indicator that the Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym was either a bad seller or came with computer based flaws. Despite the hype of the machine being the first electronic weight training apparatus, the Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym is no longer listed on the official website.

List of Ingredients

Digital, electronic weight training machine.

Product Features

No one likes to be in the middle of a workout and lose momentum because weight plates need to be added or removed. Resistance rods changed the game a bit, but rods still need to be added or taken away to vary workout resistance. With the Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym, it looked like all that was about to change. The machine offered digital resistance adjustments so the user never had to stop working out to change weight. Offering preprogrammed workouts took the machine to an even more exciting level, but Weider must not have perfected the digital formula because the Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym cannot be found on the official website.

Several online retailers offer reviews from customers who have purchased the machine. Most reviews are fantastic with only a few complaints about having to change the setup between exercises. Reviews are dated in 2006, which could be why Weider no longer supports the product. Since the inception and production of the Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym, no other electronically adjustable machines have been sold – as far as we could find.

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  • Changing resistance and weight without adding plates or rods.
  • Quick movement from one exercise to the next.
  • Solid construction.
  • Up to 340 pounds of resistance.


  • The Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym is no longer available.
  • Weider does not list the product online.
  • Some customers complained about changing machine parts around for different exercises.


Weider started the electronically controlled weight training game with the Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym. While nearly every review was great, the company no longer manufactures this model. Home gyms offer negligible support for weight loss as the dieter must be dedicated to working out several times a week in order to see results.

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6 User Reviews about Weider Platinum Plus Home Gym

  • 1
    eugene a bradford

    How can i purchasee an existing gym? Also i would like to see some pics!


  • 2

    Manuals online has a manual free for this machine and a lot of other stuff also.


  • 3

    I bought a Weider Platinum gym in a yard sale. They didn’t have the manual, know where I can get one?


  • 4

    I bought a Weider Platinum off Craig’s list about a month ago. Last week I cranked it up to max weight, and now it will not come off that setting. Any recommendations?



    You have to recalibrate it.
    There are some PDF manuals on line if you dont have yours. I think pg 7 or 8 tells you how to.


  • 5
    eddie bryant

    your weider platinum xp 800 is great. but the transformer gets hot and was causing some problems. so i put a fan close to cool it and now it stays cool and functions well 6 days a week 2 hours a day. thank you for a great home gym. eddie