Weight Off Plus HCG Review

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What You Should Know

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Weight Off Plus HCG is an oral weight loss supplement sold through various online vitamin retailers. The product looks to be branded, which means any company can stick a label on the outside of the bottle and sell the product as their own. One website claims the original company is no longer selling Weight Off Plus HCG, but other retailers sell the supplement for $32.50 per bottle. There could be a chance that the other companies are selling old supplements, so it is important to check the expiration date before purchasing.

List of Ingredients

Arginine, Carnitine, Ornithine and HCG.

Product Features

The small 2-ounce bottle of Weight Off Plus HCG is supposed to help the dieter lose weight. HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, the pregnancy hormone. Women have HCG in the blood when they are pregnant. The hormone facilitates fetal growth and body changes. There is no weight loss effects associated with HCG. Clinical studies have been performed on injectable HCG, more potent than oral HCG, with no positive effects. Dieters taking HCG lose no more weight than dieters taking the placebo.

Weight Off Plus HCG includes arginine, carnitine and ornithine. These are amino acids commonly found in protein and other food sources. The body also makes amino acids as needed. There is no weight benefits associated with these amino acids. Most dieters do not need to supplement arginine, carnitine or ornithine. Supplementation is typically reserved for extreme athletes or bodybuilders.

HCG drops are typically partnered with a very low calorie diet. The diet often starts with two days of binge eating followed by weeks of eating 500 calories or fewer. This will cause weight loss, but it may also result in reduced muscle tissue and reduced metabolism.

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  • Contains healthy amino acids.
  • Sold online.
  • Ingredients are listed.


  • Will not increase weight loss.
  • Clinical testing on HCG proved the supplement was not beneficial for weight loss.
  • No information on diet associated with Weight Off Plus HCG.
  • The product could be expired.


Dr. A.W. Simeons started the HCG craze with a journal and a few patients. He found that HCG caused the body to burn fat; up to 4,000 calories per day, and that resulted in weight loss. Science took this information later and tested HCG injection against a placebo. The results concluded once and for all that HCG is not a metabolism booster and it does not cause fat loss. The resulting weight loss from Simeon’s research was likely associated with the reduced calorie diet patients followed while taking HCG injections. Oral drops are particularly useless as the body digests HCG before it is used for any purpose. Proven weight loss ingredients like green tea and caffeine may be more effective.

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