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Weight Watchers offers a variety of programs to fit the personal style of each dieter. Momentum was based on the classic points system from Weight Watchers. The dieter was encouraged to eat foods rich in fiber instead of foods with little nutritional value. High fiber foods are good for colon health, but they may also help fight hunger. Dieters use fewer points on high fiber foods than foods with little or no fiber content. The Weight Watchers Momentum program was discontinued when the new Points Plus program started. Dieters can find old versions of the Momentum program from friends, family members and online auction websites.

List of Ingredients

Discontinued Points program from Weight Watchers.

Product Features

Weight Watchers is a unique and effective weight loss system. Dieters are given a set amount of points based on factors such as age, gender, weight and height. Fitness level and activity may also come into play. Based on these factors, dieters are given a set number of points to eat during the day. If the dieter eats at the Points level, they will lose weight. Weight loss reduces the number of points the dieter receives so less food is consumed gradually shrinking the stomach.

The Points Plus program replaced the Weight Watchers Momentum program. Points Plus is less stringent with more foods in the “free” category. Both the Points Plus and Momentum programs offer weekly support meetings to enhance weight loss and keep the dieter on track.

Lifelong Weight Watchers fans are not as comfortable with the new Points Plus program as they were with Weight Watchers Momentum. The new points system offers free foods that contain quite a few calories. On Weight Watchers Momentum, the dieter could still choose free foods, but the list was smaller and the foods contained fewer calories.

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  • Weight Watchers Momentum is a trusted weight loss solution.
  • Offers points based weight loss and weekly meetings.
  • Proven to increase weight loss and help make maintenance easier.


  • Weight Watchers Momentum is no longer available.
  • The dieter may have to order the program from an online seller.
  • Free foods on the new program may have more calories than the Momentum program.


Weight Watchers Momentum was based on the classic Weight Watchers Points system. Dieters learned that system and understood the foods they could eat and those they could not. The Momentum plan is no longer supported by Weight Watchers, but there are sellers offering the program online. Dieters can purchase the information they need online and follow Momentum at home. Local meetings are still available despite the dieter following the old program. The cost of the Momentum kit will vary based on seller.

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