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Weil, or Dr. Andrew Weil, offers health and dieting information through his official website. Articles, reviews and a question and answer section make up the majority of the website. Weil focuses on eating a balanced diet to reduce inflammation and achieve anti-aging benefits. Weil also offer a complete 8 week program people can follow for improving health and wellness. All information on the website is 100% free, but there are links to supplements approved by Dr. Weil that are for sale. In order to take part in any of the Dr. Weil dieting programs, users have to sign up for a free trial. After the free trial ends, users are billed for 13 weeks at $3.99 a week.

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Doctor based advice on aging, wellness and diet.

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Weil is a world renowned doctor and author. He has written several best-selling books and offers a unique look into alternative medicine and complimentary treatments. The doctor earned his medical degree from Harvard University and currently runs the Weil Foundation. The Weil Foundation sells many products and contributes 100% of the profits to various needy organizations.

The information available on the Weil website is based on alternative therapies. For the dieter, this means choosing diets that work naturally in the body to reduce cholesterol, inflammation and weight. Supplements and natural herbs are also supported by Weil. The Anti-Inflammatory diet supports weight loss as well as overall health. According to the information online, Weil provides exercises for people with various health conditions and concerns, nutritional advice from diet experts and anti-inflammatory recipes.

Literature is key to learning more about dieting and the effects on the body. If the dieter can learn more, they can approach plateaus, stalls and temptations from an educated perspective. Learning is a great choice, but not every dieter will understand the information and be able to put it into play in real life.

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  • Weil is a Harvard trained doctor.
  • Much of the information on the website is free.
  • Dieters can sign up for a free trial of the official Weil Anti-Inflammatory Diet.


  • Diet and wellness websites do not provide hands on support.
  • The trial period ends in a cost of $3.99 per week.
  • Dieters must remember to cancel the free trial before the 14 day period ends.


Weil is an educated man offering plenty of good health advice, recipes and supplement information. Any dieter could learn something from reading the free information on the website. As for paying for access to the Anti-Inflammatory diet, it could be a loss of money for most dieters. Anti-Inflammatory is not the same as weight loss so recipes, food selections and advice may not be based on a reduced calorie plan.

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