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Joseph Pilates was the original inventor of the original Pilates exercises in the early 20th century. It appears as though Mari Winsor has created a derivative of the original Pilates. It is called Winsor Pilates. This appears to be a workout regimen that promises to sculpt your body. It can be purchased through Guthy-Renker. Guthy-Renker is an established business that has been in existence for over 15 years. In this review, the information that is available about this product will be studied so that it’s effectiveness as a weight loss program may be determined.


While conducting research for Winsor Pilates, there were no specific ingredients that were listed. The only thing that was mentioned in regards to Winsor Pilates that could be classified as ingredients is the healthy diet and exercise that are recommended to be used in conjunction with this program.

Product Features

One of the first things that we noticed about Winsor Pilates is that it apparently requires no equipment for the exercises, and it can be done in your own home instead of having to go to a gym. A claim on the official website states that these exercises can be done 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week. If the recommendation is followed, it may transform a person’s body into a thinner, more sculpted appearance. It also appears that this particular Pilates method may prove to be a bit less strenuous on the body than the original method that is used by most people today.

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  • Winsor Pilates appears to come with a 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • Enforces the need to eat healthy and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • There appears to be something that is called “beginners price” for new people that are joining the program.
  • May deliver the results that are mentioned in the advertisement.


  • Some of the consumer reviews that were found were not in favor of the Winsor Pilates method.
  • There seems to be no type of professional support that is offered once the product is purchased.
  • Some people may not be able to perform some of these exercises due to lack of flexibility or limited physical capabilities.


The 2 things that are welcomed with Winsor Pilates is the fact that it does enforce healthy eating habits and regular exercise. It is not like the other programs that claim that the consumer can eat whatever they want, whenever they want. They often show no regard for someone’s overall health, such as cholesterol and triglyceride levels. According to the consumer reviews, some people may find the program to be rather boring due to the slow pace exercises that are involved, and they may prefer a higher paced regimen over Winsor Pilates.

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6 User Reviews about Winsor Pilates

  • 1

    I took a class of pilates and loved it, so i bought Winsor Pilates dvd’s and with the proper eating habits of protein, veggies, fruits and some carbs, no sugar, i lost 2 sizes in 2.5 months. I forgot to mention, the workouts helped my lower back from pain as i have degenerative disc disease. It works if you work it.


  • 2

    Did anyone try new Winsor Pilates workout w/ wight bar and cords? I would love to know if it really works.



    I have the new Winsor Pilates system with the accelerator bar and resistance cords. I LOVE it! I have issues with one of my knees and I find the exercises do not stress the joints but you sure feel the workout. I also find it is great for my lower back, which also gives me fits from time to time. I made the mistake of not taking measurements prior to starting so I don’t know if I lost the 10 inches in 2 weeks as it is advertised, but I do know that it has enhanced my weight loss program and I’m down 21 lbs. and about 3 clothing sizes. I’ll continue doing it!


  • 3

    I used to do the Winsor dvds that come with a half circle and it was a great addition to the cardio that I was doing on opposing days.
    I just ordered the new Windsor slim dvds that comes with a weighted bar and stretch cords in order to take it to a new level. Anyone have the new dvds?


  • 4

    I have been using the windsor pilates tape for several years. I started using pilates to tone up & then greatfully found out it has worked wonders for my lower back trouble!


  • 5

    Hi, I am 80 yrs old, in good health and sound mind. Finally had some time to check out an old (2002) Winsor Palates 20 minute workout video . It was quite useful and I could do almost everything, of course not perfectly .It felt really good afterwards. I have used it now several times. But, one thing bothers me: all the people you are showing on the tape are young and in perfect shape, i.e. not the average American,none of them over 40, not to mention over 70. No one had a bulge, a love handle, double chin, nor the women had lumpy thighs or a not so flat stomach as might have developed after children. Remember,our population is living longer and thus there are a lots of poeple in my age group who would enjoy doing these excercises, if they could only relate, and see someone more like themselves being able to do these excercises. Of ourse,this would be a huge market for you people. So, get with it ! You can use me for the 80-yr old example, as I do not mind showing off my bulges and wrinkles (I do highlight my hair, however). Additionally
    I could give your customers some common sense advice how to burn off colories without diet pills and how to eat well and sensibly. And you could call the tape/dvd : “The 20 min workout for normal working men /women of all ages”.
    However, you might already have such a tape/dvd. If so, great!!Just let me know what it is called and I will check it out.