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How We Rate Our Diet Products
Since 2008, we have reviewed over 5,000 diet products, and heard from thousands of product users. We have selected rating criteria that our readers find important. We put together this comparison table so that readers can quickly and easily see how a product that they may be interested in compares to the top weight loss products currently on the market. The criteria we use to rate products are all things that our readers want to know about when choosing a diet or exercise product. They are:

Does it have patented ingredients? Patented ingredients are important since, to obtain a patent, an ingredient must be rigorously tested in clinical studies. If a product contains two or more patented ingredients, you know that the formula has yielded documented results. Of course, for exercise equipment or programs, patented ingredients do not apply. This is noted with "N/A".

Less than $5 shipping? There are a lot of mail-order diet supplements and exercise equipment out there. Often, readers complained of ordering a low-priced item and being charged outrageous shipping fees. While high shipping costs would be understandable for a heavy exercise machine, we think it's ridiculous to charge $7.95 to deliver pills.

Are there testimonials on the official site? This is pretty self-explanatory. The FTC has recently cracked down on fake diet supplement testimonials and photos, so if a product has testimonials and photos on the official site, it's safe to assume they're the real deal. This is always great to see!

Is there a trial offer? If a company believes in their product, they'll let potential users try it out before buying. We look at a trial offer as a sign of confidence from the product manufacturer.

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