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What You Should Know

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Yakshi is a manufacturer and promoter of body fragrances as well as room fragrance and scented oils. The company is said to have taken their name from the tree goddess of the Hindu faith. This company claims to produce a product line that are made completely by hand and from all natural and synthetic fragrances. According to the company, none of their products contain any mineral oils or petrochemicals. The fragrances are advertised as being subtle and soft when compared to other brands of fragrances. Yakshi fragrant offerings can be purchased in solids and oils. The product line is available online and purportedly available in local retail outlets through individual distributors.

List Of Ingredients

The company produces a number of products. The exact ingredients will depend on the specific supplement chosen.

Product Features

Yakshi is the producer of several different types of fragrance items that are supposed to be available through a variety of sources. The website says the ingredients are all natural and synthetic but does not provide a complete listing of ingredients in each of the items. This would be helpful to the potential consumer due to allergies and other sensitivities. Local beauty supply retail stores may be able to order the fragrance line if it is not already available in the store. Some of the Yakshi products that are easier to locate are: Massage Oils – Yakshi Rain Forest; Roll On Fragrances – Yakshi Roll On African Musk, Yakshi Roll On Blue Iris, Yakshi Roll On Body Musk, Yakshi Roll On Casablanca, Yakshi Roll On Cleopatra Secret, Yakshi Roll On Cactus Flower, Yakshi Roll On Dreams of Isis, Yakshi Roll On Coconut Kiss, Yakshi Roll On Lily of the Nile; Solid Fragrances – Yakshi Solid African Musk, Yakshi Solid Casablanca, Yakshi Solid Mimosa, Yakshi Solid Ylang Ylang; Incense – Yakshi African Musk, Yakshi Body Musk, Yakshi Cactus Flower, Yakshi Desert Rose, Yakshi Fresh Vanilla, Yakshi Goddess Dreams, and Yakshi Indonesian Patchouli

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  • Yakshi makes a large range of scented products.
  • Yakshi offers their items online or locally.
  • Yakshi does not use mineral oils in the fragrance items.


  • Yakshi may be hard to find locally.
  • Yakshi does not list their complete product ingredients.


This fragrance company is supposed to have gotten its name from the Hindu goddess of the tree which is also supposedly a fertility symbol. Yakshi claims its products are supposed to be subtle and soft in a way that does not allow them to overpower the room. They do offer many different scents and the items come in either solid, oil or incense. The company has not released a complete ingredient list to allow the consumer to make an informed decision before purchase.

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