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D&E Pharmaceuticals has developed a dietary supplement called Yellow Subs Extreme. These capsules sell online via websites such as and While Yellow Subs Extreme endeavor to assist with fat reduction, they’re also claimed to boost metabolic rates. Primarily this supplement is geared toward individuals that are into weight training and fitness goals. Yellow Subs Extreme sells for the retail price of $39.98 for 100 capsules. Like some other diet products, one capsule is taken in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

Safety information is posted where Yellow Subs Extreme capsules are sold. These warnings involve those suffering with thyroid disease, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, women who are pregnant or nursing should not take Yellow Subs Extreme, nor should those under the age of 18. Key active ingredients found in this diet supplement are Green Tea Extract (increases energy and metabolism), Jaborandi, Cayenne (helps burn fat), Cocoa Bromine, L-Phenylalanine and NADH. This diet drug is stated to be free of Ephedrine. Yellow Subs Extreme capsules contain the caffeine equivalent to two cups of coffee per serving. Therefore this weight loss product may cause jitteriness, nervousness and/or rapid heart rates in some users.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea Extract, Jaborandi, Cayenne, Cocoa Bromine, L-Phenylalanine, Gelatin and NADH.

Product Features

Yellow Subs Extreme supplements are advertised as the “strongest energizers under the sun.” While there are no success stories or satisfaction guarantees posted for Yellow Subs Extreme, this diet product is sold with warnings. Yellow Subs Extreme supplements basically aim to reduce the user’s body fat and increase his/her metabolism. From what’s stated on the websites where this product is sold, it’s suitable for women and men alike, but pitched more toward weight lifters. As far as clinical research goes, none is offered to support the claims made by D&E Pharmaceuticals.

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  • All ingredients for Yellow Subs Extreme are displayed where this diet product is sold.
  • Warnings are revealed for Yellow Subs Extreme.
  • This weight loss supplement can be easily acquired through several online dealers.


  • There is no guarantee or testimonials posted to support Yellow Subs Extreme capsules.
  • Individuals that are under 18 or pregnant/nursing cannot take Yellow Subs Extreme.
  • Caffeine is a primary component offered in Yellow Subs Extreme, and in this case it comes in the form of Green Tea.
  • A number of health warnings apply to this dietary supplement, which may make it unsuitable for some users.
  • Actual scientific research is not available for Yellow Subs Extreme supplements.


Caffeine tends to be a major aspect of many diet and weight loss products these days. It appears that Yellow Subs Extreme capsules are not so different in this respect. While it would be wonderful if this supplement really aided with weight loss and an increased metabolism, the potential side effects may not be worth the potential results. Be sure to speak with a real doctor before taking a weight reduction product like Yellow Subs Extreme. There may be a health issue involved that you aren’t aware of, which is always a risk when taking stimulants.

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