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Zap2X is an appetite suppressant from Pro Nutra. We found the supplement listed on the GNC website with more than 30 reviews. Of the 30 or so reviews, at least 10 of the dieters did not feel the supplement was effective. Most reviewers will post these reviews just 30 days after they start taking a supplement like Zap2X. Many supplement ingredients take four to eight weeks to work effectively – something few supplement companies reveal because taking a supplement for two months or more increases the cost of trying the product and could affect sales.

List of Ingredients


  • Vitis Vinifera
  • Phaseolus Vulgaris
  • Crocus Sativus
  • Cassia Nomame

Product Features

The ingredients we see in Zap2X are commonly found in other fat burners and weight loss supplements. The idea diet supplement contains ingredients to boost metabolism and suppress appetite. Often, we find supplements do a great job on boosting heart rate, energy and metabolism, but they leave out the appetite suppressors. Zap2X could fill a big gap in the weight loss market, but are the ingredients effective at suppressing appetite?

Vitis vinifera is commonly known as grape seed extract. There are tons of supplements with this ingredient in the formula, but we could not find any clinical support for claims the extract suppresses appetite.

Phaseolus Vulgaris or white kidney bean extract is a relatively trusted ingredient. We’ve found plenty of positive reviews and some clinical support for this ingredient, but not because it is an appetite suppressant. White kidney bean extract is marketed as a carb blocker, by most companies. A carb blocker may help relieve cravings, but it will not necessarily suppress appetite.

Crocus Sativus is saffron and while we were able to find plenty of studies focused on the effects of this spice on depression and Alzheimer’s disease, there was only one study on the effects on appetite. That study was for a specific product called Satireal.

Cassia Nomame is a natural fat blocker, according to various product descriptions containing the ingredient. We found no evidence that the ingredient suppresses appetite.

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  • Ingredients for Zap2X are listed online.


  • Reviews are not all positive.
  • The ingredients may take weeks or months to work.
  • Several of the ingredients have no effect on appetite.


We find that appetite suppression is more of a blood glucose issue than true appetite suppression. Most of the proven appetite suppressing ingredients helps keep blood glucose levels even so the dieter doesn’t feel like they need to snack on sugar soon after a carb-rich meal. Zap2X includes fat blockers and carb blockers that have nothing to do with appetite suppression.

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