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What you should know

Zylorin is a weight loss supplement that is produced by Astor Ridge Nutrition. The manufacturers say that Zylorin will enhance your diet and exercise programme by super energizing your workouts and ramping up your metabolism for maximum fat loss. They say it is formulated with the highest grade of patented clinically proven ingredients. They claim that Zylorin will support thermogenic fat burning, increase metabolism, support the suppression of apetite, help control your sugar levels, promote sustained energy and, finally, that it is 100% safe and natural.


The ingredients in Zylorin are Citrus Aurantium, Chromium, Hoodia Gordonni, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B6, B12, C, E, and Beta Carotene, Folic Acid, Phosphatidylserine, Beta-Sitosterol.

Product Features

Zylorin can be ordered on line at a price of $44.95 for ninety capsules. There is also a money back guarantee after purchase. The ingredients in Zylorin are certainly not revolutionary and some testimonials have commented that it is in fact simply a glorified vitamin pill. There are a number of ingredients in Zylorin however which are known to have weight loss properties, Green Tea and Hoodia Gordonnii being two of them. Green tea is present in almost all weight loss supplements at the moment, and it is actually a fairly potent caffeine stimulant. Hoodi Gordonni is also becoming a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements. It is a cactus that grows in the desert in South Africa, Angola and Namibia. It is thought to have weight loss properties. Certainly, tests on animals have shown this, but that does not necessarily mean that it has the same effect on humans. There is also an import ban on Hoodia Gordonnii in Australia, which means that those living in Australia cannot order this product on line as it is illegal to important anything containing Hoodia Gordonnii into the country.

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  • Zylorin can be ordered on line.
  • There is a free gift with a purchase of Zylorin; a book entitled, ‘Amazing Weight Loss Secrets.’
  • There is a money back guarantee.


  • Those living in Australia cannot order this product since it contains Hoodia Gordonii, an ingredient that the international medical community still has questions about.
  • There have been no controlled standardized tests of Zylorin that we could find.
  • The ingredients in Zylorin are very similar to ingredients in other weight loss supplements.
  • Since this product is formulated to “maximize” your workout, users needs to maintain a rigorous and athletic lifestyle to see results.


Unlike some other weight loss supplements Zylorin does not contain a large number of stimulants, which is a point in its favour. There have, however, been no controlled standardized tests on this supplement and this means that we cannot evaluate whether or not Zylorin will get users results that are superior to other weight loss supplements on the market. Also, this product requires a vigorous, consistent workout routine before users see results. Some potential purchasers may not have the time or stamina to commit to a routine like that in order to achieve the weight loss they’re looking for.

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