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Zymelt is a weight loss supplement that was created by Neutraceutics. Neutraceutics specializes in overall health supplements, andtheir products span such categories as sexual health and energy boosters. This company is most popular for supplements that help bodybuilders and athletes. Many of the products seem like a combination of energy booster and recovery formula to aid in workouts.

Zymelt was a Neutraceutics weight loss product that claims to promote fat oxidation as well as thermogenesis, as well as maintain a user’s lean muscle. These features are desirable for weight lifters and bodybuilders since these athletes want to lose as much fat as possible while maintaining their muscle mass and tone.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin C – 60mg (Ascorbic Acid) 100% Calcium – 36mg (as Calcium Carbonate) 4% Green Tea Extract – 180mg (aerial part)(standardized to 90mg Caffeine) Green Tea Extract – 125mg (aerial part)(standardized to 50mg Caffeine),ForsLean Coleus Forskohlii Extract – 90mg,(standardized to 18mg forskolin),Proprietary Blend – 237mg,L-Tyrosine,Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate (DMAE),L-Alanine.

Other Ingredients: Cellulose, Croscarellose Sodium Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Modified Cellulose, Silica.

Product Features

Zymelt uses many common weight loss ingredients such as green tea extract, which helps boost your metabolism while burning a small amount of fat. The biggest ingredient in Zymelt is ForsLean. This compound enables your body to use fat cells as a form of energy by activating certain enzymes within your body. The entire process is too technical for this review but many bodybuilders recommend this particular compound and look for it in their fat shedding supplements.

As of this review, Zymelt has been officially discontinued by Neutraceutics. You can still purchase this product through third party retailers around the Internet and may come across some great discounts if you are still interested.

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  • Zymelt contains ForsLean which is very popular among bodybuilders looking to keep muscle but lose fat.


  • This product is officially discontinued. You can still buy it around the Internet for a while.
  • Not technically a weight loss product, and not suitable for users looking to casually drop a few pounds.
  • Zymelt does not contain an appetite suppressant.


Zymelt falls into a special category in the weight loss product world. Most diet products will aim to shed pounds any way possible. This isn’t limited to just fat, and muscle can sometimes be shed as well. In the bodybuilding world, to lose a pound or two of muscle isn’t acceptable so products like Zymelt try to burn just fat while keeping muscle. If you are looking for an average weight loss product, this product isn’t for you because bodybuilders and athletes already have a specific diet and exercise plan. Instead, we recommend finding a product that combines a fat burner with an appetite suppressant.

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