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So many weight loss programs and dieting systems date back several decades. Apparently, people have been battling the bulge for many years. Take a look at the 3 Day Diet plan. This specific system first hit the weight loss scene back in 1985. It basically aims to promote fast weight reduction, lower cholesterol levels, boost the user’s energy, and even cleanse the body to some extent. What makes the 3 Day Diet plan unique is that it really lasts for three days at a time. Once the three days have passed, the user enjoys four or five days of “normal or regular” eating, but then the diet plan resumes.

Like so many other weight loss programs today, there is no fitness or exercise regimen involved with the 3 Day Diet plan. Potentially users can drop up to a whopping 10 pounds within the three day period. Although there is a specific eating plan for this program, dieters are directed not to overeat or under-eat. To elaborate a little more, the first daily meal consists of: day one breakfast (half of a grapefruit, one piece of toast with peanut butter, and black coffee or tea) lunch (one piece of toast, one half can of tuna, and one cup of tea or black coffee), and dinner (one cup of carrots, one cup of vanilla ice cream, one cup of green beans, one apple, and three ounces of chicken/lean meat). While day two and three vary some with the foods, the portions pretty much stay the same. Other than these foods, users are to consume four cups of water each day.

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The 3 Day Diet plan is one of several weight loss systems that involves the consumption of specific foods. While there are no supplements or exercise routines involved with this program, dieters are directed to follow a specific meal plan for three days at a time. Even though 4-5 days are taken off in between dieting sessions, the 3 Day Diet can carry on indefinitely to encourage fat reduction. Ideally this diet should increase the dieter’s energy, help with fat burning, cleanse the body, and lower cholesterol levels. There is no clinical research to support the effectiveness of the 3 Day Diet plan.

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  • There are no potentially harmful diet drugs involved with the 3 Day Diet.
  • Dieters only have to commit to this weight loss program for three days at a time.


  • There are no success stories presented on an official website for the 3 Day Diet.
  • It’s unclear how this program will cleanse the body, lower cholesterol levels and boost the user’s energy since no clinical studies are provided.
  • There are no fat burning supplements or appetite suppressants utilized with the 3 Day Diet plan.


In some respects, it appears that the 3 Day Diet is somewhat of an 80s “fad diet plan.” On the upside, this weight loss program does encourage the consumption of water, vegetables and lean meats, however, there is no exercise encouraged with the 3 Day Diet. This may work as a red flag for some dieters. Furthermore, there is no clinical data or trials offered to support the overall effectiveness of this weight loss plan.

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