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It’s with pride that we support organizations like the Obesity Society, Shape Up America and the National Obesity Foundation. Our mission to help people live healthier lives falls right in line with their beliefs.

Obesity is a catalyst for so many health complications that it is important to support organizations who continually work to better the health of our kids and our future.

Organizations we support:
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Student Scholarships

Essay Scholarship

Since 2013, Dietspotlight has offered students across the country an opportunity to win up to $3,000 in financial aid. Supporting the community is a critical part of our vision. All it takes is a little time and students can get the financial support they deserve.

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Student Film Contest

Engaging and powerful, video garners attention and forces change. Dietspotlight offers a platform where student filmmakers are able to display their storytelling techniques and help bring attention to obesity and help shape better future.

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Weight-Loss Tools & Calculators

The best way to reach your weight-loss, fitness and health goals is with support. Our tools and calculators give you information to find your starting point and track your progress along the way.

BMI Calculator

A BMI calculator uses height and weight to calculate a number. Based upon that number you fall into one of four categories; Underweight, Normal Weight, Overweight or Obese. This provides a good starting point for measuring progress along the way as you get slim.

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BMR Calculator

Want to know how many calories you burn everyday, before exercise? Your BMR tells you the total number of calories your body needs to function. Any movement like cleaning, walking, talking, eating and more increase the calories you burn.

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Nutritional Calculator

You can lose weight and keep it off with a healthy, reduced-calorie diet with the right amount of nutrients. Keeping track of caloric intake in a food journal is an excellent way to stay on track and minimize the chance of hidden calories to help you get lean.

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