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999 Fitness Essence is a dietary drug that comes in the form of a capsule and aims to assist women with weight reduction. This supplement is manufactured in China by Sanjiu Enterprise Group, but doesn’t appear to be sold on the official website. 999 Fitness Essence is intended to be effective without a specific diet plan or fitness regimen. This weight loss pill endeavors to “decompose” fat. To put it less dramatically, the supplement seems to make claims similar to many of the fat-burning supplements on the market today. There are no free trial samples of 999 Fitness Essence available at this time. Similar to numerous other diet pills and supplements, 999 Fitness Essence is directed to be taken daily with water.

The primary active components of 999 Fitness Essence capsules are “herbal ingredients” such as Ginseng, Green Tea extract and Ma Huang. Supposedly, these all-natural herbs are a “safe” way for people to lose weight and have been around for many years. Since this diet drug is not offered on the official Sanjiu Enterprise Group website, there are no customer testimonials available. A price for 999 Fitness Essence is not available on the website, nor is a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee posted. It’s difficult to determine where 999 Fitness Essence capsules can be purchased since very little data is provided online. A full ingredient list for this supplement is not available.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

999 Fitness Essence is a weight reduction supplement that’s geared toward women. This diet drug basically endeavors to shed pounds using all-natural herbal ingredients. 999 Fitness Essence is claimed to burn fat and contains active ingredients like Ginseng, Green Tea extract (assists the metabolism) and Ma Huang. Unfortunately there is no clinical research provided on the official website to support the effectiveness of 999 Fitness Essence diet capsules. This weight loss supplement doesn’t appear to be offered through the official website and no price is revealed.

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  • 999 Fitness Essence contains all-natural herbal ingredients.
  • 999 Fitness Essence is manufactured in an easy-to-manage capsule form.


  • There aren’t any customer testimonials posted on the site for 999 Fitness Essence.
  • Some ingredients found in 999 Fitness Essence may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • There doesn’t appear to be a 100% money-back guarantee offered with 999 Fitness Essence supplements.
  • No real clinical research is shown on 999 Fitness Essence diet capsules.
  • No free trial samples of 999 Fitness Essence are available at this time.
  • A full product ingredient list is absent from the official website.
  • There is no price posted for 999 Fitness Essence.
  • 999 Fitness Essence capsules are marketed without a healthy diet or regular exercise regimen.


999 Fitness Essence is one of many weight loss products that is presented vaguely online. The official website doesn’t seem to elaborate on what’s in it, how much it costs or where it can be acquired. Naturally some dieters would prefer to see some real clinical data offered on 999 Fitness Essence, along with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee, free trial samples and a few customer testimonials or before/after photos. In the end, it’s certainly wise to consult your doctor prior to taking 999 Fitness Essence capsules.

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7 User Reviews about 999 Fitness Essence

  • 1

    Where can I buy 999 fitness essence


  • 2

    This product worked wonders for me but I’m now sure where to get this anymore.


  • 3

    Does anyone have any updated info re: 999 Fitness, since the finding that some of the ingredients may have harmful side effects (09) – My acupuncturist had me on it in 08 and I lost 20 lbs in about 3 mos. and it increased my energy level and metabolism. I would like to take it again, but want to see if there is any new info out there… it’s hard to find updated info..



    where can i buy it from in australia or lebanon plz reply thnx =]


  • 4

    I have taken Fitness Essence, and it works great. There are two local Asian Health Food stores in my community in BC that carry it. I lost 15lbs in 2 months while workig out 3 times a week for an hour. LOVE IT!


  • 5

    How to purchase 999 pills, I live in Toronto Canada.


  • 6

    hi how can i buy 999 fitiness essence i live in ireland thanks