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The manufacturers of Actipril are a supplement development company named TL Sciences. This capsule claims to boost energy like no other medication in history. It is said to assist an individual through tough and stressful days and give a person enough energy to make it through work as well as the rest of their day. TL Sciences makes the claim that Actipril is a revolutionary stimulant that can boost energy, assist in mental capabilities and increase the system’s metabolism. This will improve productivity throughout the day and assist in losing or maintaining weight when proper diet is not observed. Actipril suggests that a person can relieve their sluggish and tiresome state with just two capsules a day. This supplement is advertised as an energy booster, but the product claims much more. A person may be able to control and lose weight when they use this type of supplement. As the body’s energy increases, the system speeds up. This is claimed to allow a person to feel fantastic as well as assist in watching their weight.

TL Sciences have their own website to find information and purchasing prices for Actipril. There are several locations online as well as in retail stores where an individual can purchase this product. Generally, the prices vary from place to place. However, an individual can obtain 60 capsules for around $50.

List of Ingredients

There are several active ingredients in Actipril. These include; Cayenne, Gotu Kola, Garlic, Wood Betony as well as Beet Powder. There may be other ingredients that were not stated here.

Product Features

Most of the active ingredients are completely natural. However, each part is a stimulant. Various individuals, including pregnant women, may have an adverse reaction to stimulants, even natural ones. It may be a good idea to discuss Actipril with a doctor before taking the over-the-counter supplement.

Each ingredient works together to assist the body in maintaining a high level of energy during the day. Actipril claims to have only natural stimulants.

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  • Free samples, a free trial or a money back guarantee may be offered at participating retailers.
  • Reviews as well as testimonials can be found from individuals that have tried the Actipril product.
  • Actipril claims to boost energy so a person will feel great throughout the day.


  • Some reviews have stated that Actipril leaves a person feeling jittery and wired due to the inclusion of so many stimulants.
  • The capsules are full of natural ingredients, however they are all stimulants.
  • One bottle will end up costing around $50 a month.
  • An individual on certain medication or a pregnant woman may be at risk taking this supplement.


The manufacturers claim that Actipril is a cure-all for sluggish and tired behavior. They conclude that the product is safe and effective to boost energy and raise metabolism levels. Nevertheless, several supplements in the past have claimed the same things. Before taking Actipril, it is recommended to research the product in depth. Certain stimulant-based capsules and pills have come and gone from the market recently because they were deemed unsafe after people became addicted or ill from taking the products. The bottom line; it is important to understand why you might be feeling tired and fatigued. There could be a more urgent, underlying medical explanation than just carrying around a few extra pounds, in which case you should definitely consult your doctor before taking a potent stimulant such as Actipril.

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    Hello – is it safe for my father who is type 1 diabetic using apidra insulin to be taking two Actipril each day ?


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    Hello Is it safe for my father who is type 1.5 diabetic using apridra insulin to be taking two Aptipril each day ?