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What You Should Know

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Sometimes you need an extra boost in order to get in your daily workout. It is no secret that the workday can be draining, and sometimes exercise sounds like a major hassle. Well, an energy shot or beverage may be what you need to get through the day. Some of these products even help with weight management. However, since most energy beverages contain caffeine, you want to be certain you do not have sensitivity to caffeine, beforehand. One unique and innovative energy booster is AeroShot Energy. This product contains zero calories, and sells for $2.99 online.


  • Caffeine 100mg
  • B Vitamins
  • Sweeteners
  • Natural Flavor
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Bicarbonate

Product Features

AeroShot Energy is interesting because it is a powder formula. You simply dispense some powder into your mouth whenever you need a boost. About four to six servings are available in each container. According to the official website, this product does have a bitter bite to it. The bitter flavor comes from the caffeine. It is advised to use no more than three shots of this formula per day. AeroShot Energy was invented by David Edwards, a Harvard professor.

As for the ingredients used in AeroShot Energy, there are only a few. B Vitamins and Caffeine (100mg) are the energy-boosting ingredients. These provide you with a buzz, and help you stay more alert and focused. Since the caffeine is bitter tasting, sweeteners and flavors were added as well. Ingredients like Taurine, Guarana, and Inositol are not used in AeroShot Energy. As for the flavors, this product is offered in raspberry, green apple, and lime flavors. You can find this energy product in local CVS stores.

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  • This energy product can be acquired from local CVS stores.
  • AeroShot Energy is available in three different flavors.
  • This product is very simple and convenient to use anywhere.


  • There are some customer complaints about the taste of AeroShot Energy.
  • The caffeine in this product may cause side effects in some users.
  • Some people may prefer a tasty energy drink instead.
  • This product will not help with weight management.
  • There are plenty of other energy-boosting products to choose from as well.


Choosing an energy drink, bar, shake, or other product may be confusing. Especially with more and more of them emerging all the time. You should first consider what you want the energy drink or supplement to do. As for AeroShot Energy, this product is only supposed to give you a quick energy boost, and it will unlikely last long. If you want the product to assist you with fat loss or weight management, then you need to explore alternative energy enhancement drinks and bars.

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