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Alka Slim is a weight loss supplement, supported and formulated by Dr. Tom Morter. This product is designed as a meal replacement. It comes as a powder that is mixed into fruit or vegetable juice. Water can also be used. The manufacturer of Alka Slim claims that this is NOT a diet, but it is a supplement designed with several benefits. They say that a person will receive all the minerals and vitamins in a simple drink that they do in a full meal. The benefits that they guarantee include; loss of weight, boosts energy, lowers fatigue symptoms, a mood stimulate and helps a person to look fantastic. Apparently, Dr. Morter promotes the use of this product by overweight children. However, with kids only one Alka Slim meal is recommended unless more weight loss is desired. They suggest consulting a doctor if more than one meal is replaced. Alka Slim offers a guarantee that a person can lose up to 30 pounds a month with this product.

List of Ingredients

There are various ingredients in the Alka Slim meal replacement program. These include but are not limited to Soy Protein Mix, Fiber and Siberian Ginseng. There are several fruits as well as vegetables that can be found in Alka Slim also. These are spinach, parsley and celery. The fruit that may be present is pineapple and other natural fruits. Vitamins include A, E, B6, B12, Calcium plus around 10 other are present. No full list is given.

Product Features

The Alka Slim meal replacement program can be found for sale around the internet as well as in retail stores. Several websites offer extensive information about this product. A 30-day supply is fairly inexpensive at around $40.

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  • The ingredients seem to be all healthy alternatives to an actual meal. Enough nutrients are present for an individual’s system.
  • Testimonials and reviews of Alka Slim seem to be mostly on the positive side.
  • The product is fairly inexpensive.
  • It is an easy program to incorporate in a user’s daily life.


  • It is a meal replacement. Even though, most of the ingredients are healthy for the body, a meal replacement program often does not work and many users complain about constant hunger and low energy.
  • Alka Slim promotes their product for children. This could have an adverse affect on their mental state as well as their growing body.
  • With all the information that can be found in support of Alka Slim, they leave out one valid point. None of the facts support actual tests and studies on the product and its effectiveness of a meal replacement diet.
  • Eating only one solid meal a day may become tiresome within just a few days.


There have been several meal replacement programs on the market for years now. However, time has proven that these types of supplements are hard to manage and stick to. An individual’s body as well as the taste buds craves substance. This is the main reason why these systems generally do not work is because of that simple fact. With that in mind, the ingredients that are found in Alka Slim seem to be exactly what a body needs to survive. Alka Slim promotes the use of their product on children. Unless diet and exercise fails and the child in question is morbidly obsess, a healthy eating regiment may be more productive for a growing body. There are no clinical tests supporting this type of meal replacement regiment. Most users would probably be better off with an oral supplement or some other diet system that does not require replacing meals.

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5 User Reviews about Alka Slim

  • 1

    Does Alka Slim contain any fat blockers? I found my hair falling out from another product that contained fat blockers.


  • 2
    Diane Boyenton

    Does Alkaslim contain flax? I am very allergic to flax. Also is the soy listed GMO? Thanks!


  • 3

    Used this product 7 years ago by replacing one meal with it and another meal with a salad and lost 35 pounds. Just purchased it again two weeks ago and losing weight again. I go back to it because I hate the taste of protein drinks while I actually like the taste of Alka Slim.


  • 4
    Janet Keith

    I purchased Alka.Slim years ago, I cannot locate an expiration date; what is the shelf life?


    Roy Weber

    Its usually 3-4 years. The expiration date should be under the back label.