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What You Should Know

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One of the things we find most confusing about supplement companies is when they offer multiple supplements that support the same end result. If Hypertest by Axis Labs is the end-all of test boosters, Myodrol must not be the most effective. If Myodrol is the most effective supplement, then Hypertest is lying in the product description. This confusion is something every consumer has to deal with when choosing a supplement, but testimonials and reviews help the consumer choose one product over another. Axis Labs offers testimonials for the supplements sold on the website, but every testimonial we read was positive. There are bound to be some negative testimonials out there and those are the ones that reveal how a product truly works.

Axis Labs does offer a long description of the product, ingredients and dosing instructions. The company sells supplements directly, so bodybuilders do not have to worry about searching online retailers for supplements. This product is not created for dieting or weight loss.

List of Ingredients

MyTosterone Proprietary Blend: Serenoa Repens Extract, Haematococcus Pluvialis.

Product Features

We were thrilled with the ingredient list in Axis Labs Hypertest, but this product leaves us a little confused. Hypertest contains all the known ingredients used to boost testosterone, reduce estrogen and give the bodybuilder a feeling of increased “manliness.” This supplement contains none of the most popular ingredients, but Axis Labs claims the formula is ideal for bodybuilders wanting to feel that “alpha male” power associated with testosterone boosters.

Serenoa Repens Extract is saw palmetto. This ingredient is commonly used to promote prostate health and hair growth. There are no links between saw palmetto and testosterone. Haematococcus Pluvialis is an antioxidant, not a testosterone builder.

These ingredients have nothing to do with boosting testosterone so Myodrol is a failure of a supplement compared to Hypertest.

Male dieters may find Myodrol a fantastic supplement for antioxidant and prostate support. We don’t usually suggest dieters take bodybuilding supplements, but this supplement cannot be truly defined as a bodybuilding supplement.

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  • May increase testosterone levels or sex drive.
  • Axis Labs lists ingredients and dosing instructions.
  • The official website sells the product directly to consumers.


  • Designed for bodybuilders not dieters.
  • Axis Labs sells more than one test booster.


There are plenty of bodybuilding supplement tailored to men that women can take for improved fitness and muscle growth, but Axis Labs Myodrol is not one of those supplements. Hypertest, by the same company, includes classic testosterone boosting ingredients. While using familiar supplements is not always the same as using proven ingredients, in the case of testosterone builders there are only a handful of ingredients used over and over again in the bodybuilding community. The ingredients in Axis Labs Myodrol are not used in testosterone builders we have reviewed.

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