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Carb BOOM! is a line of sports nutrition products geared toward endurance athletes that are manufactured by Carbboom Nutrition Inc. based in Vermont.. Its most popular product, Energy Gels, are complex-carbohydrate rich, energy gels. The official website claims that “Athletes should aim to consume 16-24 oz of fluid and 50-75 grams of carbohydrates per hour to stay properly hydrated and fueled during exercise. These levels can be achieved through various combinations of sports drink, energy gels, energy chews and water.” Whether all athletes really need to consume so much fluid and/or carbohydrates during each hour of exercise is debatable. However, several Carb BOOM! products offer healthy, high quality sports nutrition products. Carb BOOM! is not a weight loss or diet product.


Carb BOOM!’s official website says it sponsors sporting events, but it doesn’t say which ones. It offers a 30-day 100% guarantee on all of its products. There are no free samples offered. There are many customer reviews on other websites that give mostly very positive reviews, describing Carb BOOM!’s energy gel as being effective in sustaining long-term energy during exercise, causing no stomach irritation, tasting good and containing only natural ingredients. Customer reviews also like the fact that only 3 of the energy gels have varying amounts of caffeine and the other 8 flavors have no caffeine, so that customers can choose how much caffeine to consume or easily avoid it altogether.

Product Features

Carb BOOM! makes energy gels for $29.99 for 24 servings, energy chews for $29.99 for 24 servings, electrolyte sports drinks for men and women for $21.99 for 30 servings, Endless Energy powder for $26 for 16 servings, Recovery Drink powder for $29 for 16 servings, electrolytes capsules for $16.99 for 100 capsules, whey protein powder for $73 for 5 lbs., fueling kits for $74, gel flasks for $1.49 and bike bottles for $4.99 for 2 bottles. Carb BOOM! also has a Facebook page.


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  • Carb BOOM! products are easily available online from its official website, other websites and offline retailers.
  • Carb BOOM! offers a 30-day refund on all of its products.
  • There are numerous positive reviews on other websites.
  • Encourages an active fitness regimen to be combined with its products.



  • There are no free samples available from the official website.
  • There are no customer reviews available on the official website.


Carb BOOM! makes sports nutrition products like energy gels, energy chews and energy drinks. While there are no customer reviews on the official website, many positive reviews are available online that attest to the efficacy and quality of these products. Carb BOOM! offers its customers the option of choosing a variable amount of caffeine, or no caffeine at all in its energy drinks, which gives the consumer more control over his/her own health. The 30-day guarantee policy means interested consumers can try this product and receive a full refund if not satisfied. Other than the caffeine contained in a few products, the other ingredients of Carb BOOM! products are natural and safe without any known side effects.>

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