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Bodybuilders use creatine to hydrate muscles and increase lean muscle mass. You would be hard pressed to find a bodybuilder that did not include creatine in the bulking phase of the sport. Creatine is known to cause water retention, so during the cutting phase most bodybuilders do not use creatine. EAS Phosphagen is a form of creatine proven to work better than classic creatine. According to the product description, Phosphagen supports gains 160-percent greater than classic creatine. In addition, the company claims the formula will increase sprinting speed and vertical jump. These are huge claims, none of which are supported with clinical links. We would love to see the clinical trials supporting these claims. None-the-less, creatine is widely used and included in many bodybuilding supplements. Some bodybuilders choose a straight creatine supplement to push additional creatine into the body for maximum effect during the bulking phase.

Creatine is not an effective weight loss supplement. The water retention caused be creatine, even Phosphagen, will cause weight gain. Dieters can look at before and after photos of bodybuilders during the bulking stage versus competition reading body weight and see the difference creatine has on the body. It is not unlikely for a bodybuilder to shed 30 pounds or more of water weight during the cutting phase.

List of Ingredients

Creatine Monohydrate, Dextrose and Sodium Phosphate.

Product Features

There are two main ingredients in EAS Phosphagen that the dieter must worry about. Creatine, as stated above, will increase weight by causing the body to hold onto water. Dextrose is a carbohydrate. When taken with protein and creatine, carbohydrates act as vehicles for these ingredients. The ingredients literally ride on the carbohydrates to the muscle where they instantly start the recovery process. Muscle growth only occurs when muscle fibers are torn. After tearing, the “scar tissue” that forms is new muscle. More tears equals more muscle mass and faster recovery means building muscle faster.

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  • May increase lean muscle gains.
  • May hydrate the muscles.
  • May transport protein and creatine to the muscle faster.


  • May affect blood glucose.
  • May cause hunger.
  • Will not increase metabolism.
  • Will not promote weight loss.
  • Will promote weight gain.


EAS Phosphagen may be proven to work better than other forms of creatine, but for the dieter it will cause weight gain and could cause muscle cramping. Taking creatine is reserved for athletes and bodybuilders. Phosphagen claims to be more effective than classic creatine, but there are no clinical trials listed to prove this claim. The bodybuilder should always choose supplements with clinically proven ingredients.

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