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There is no official website for Fat Eliminator, but those vendors who are selling it online say that it is a revolutionary form of the ingredient chitosan, that the manufacturer has called LiposonULTRA. Chitosan is a marine-based fat binder, and manufacturers are becoming increasingly enthusiastic about including it in weight loss products, since they claim that it binds to fat in the body and then secretes it. The manufacturers of Fat Eliminator claim that it is a safe and effective weight loss product when used in conjunction with a responsible diet. They further claim that Fat Eliminator attracts and binds to fats in the digestive system and then eliminates them from the body.


The ingredients in Fat Eliminator are LiposonULTRA and Vitamin C.

Product Features

There is no official website for Fat Eliminator but it can be purchased from online stores for the price of $20.95. Chitosan, which is the main ingredient in Fat Eliminator, is derived from the shells of shrimps, lobsters and crabs. Chitosan is an effective blood clotting agent and has been approved by the US government for use in bandages and hemostatic agents. However, anyone who has a seafood allergy should not use weight loss products that contain chitosan. Critics of products that contain chitosan claim that it can inhibit the absorption of certain minerals in the body. They also say that there is no actual clinical evidence to support the claims made by manufacturers that chitosan eliminates fat from the body. There are now a whole host of products on the market that contain chitosan as their main active ingredient, and that also claim to help you lose weight by eliminating fat.

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  • Fat Eliminator is reasonably priced.
  • It can be ordered directly on line.
  • There is a list of ingredients available for Fat Eliminator.


  • Anyone with a seafood allergy should not use Fat Eliminator.
  • There are a whole host of products for sale on the market with chitosan as the main active ingredient.
  • Some critics say that chitosan in weight loss products inhibits the absorption of minerals into the body.
  • The manufacturers of Fat Eliminator do not provide any comparative evidence that it is superior to other products on the market which also contain chitosan.


There are an enormous number of products to choose from that contain chitosan, and which also claim to procure weight loss by binding fat in the body and then eliminating it. To date the results of clinical trials do not back up these claims one hundred per cent. These products all contain similar ingredients in addition to chitosan and are also in a similar price range. At the moment there is no evidence that Fat Eliminator is superior to any of these other products for sale.

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    Can i take fat eliminator while on yaz birth control pills? Thanks


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    I am a hypertensive diabetic with other ailments such as Asthma and rheumatoid arthritist,can I take the Fat Eliminator safely?