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Fein Energy Crystals are a taste-free energy supplement that you can add to any beverage to create your own energy drink. If you hate the taste of energy drinks on the market today, this product could be quite useful. Orange juice, chocolate milk, soda and even water are instantly transformed into an energy drink without altering the taste. None of the ingredients used in the formula are listed on the banned substance list for sports – so athletes don’t have to worry about failing the drug test after using Fein Energy Crystals. You can also choose to add Fein to baked goods and foods to create energy foods.

List Of Ingredients


  • Caffeine Citrate

Product Features

There is an official website for Fein Energy Crystals, but we found the most interesting information on a website dedicated to caffeine supplements. The user tried out Fein Energy Crystals in everything from caffeinated sodas to chocolate milk to homemade brownies. The only drink he didn’t like the Fein in was Chamomile tea because there was a sour taste to the tea after the caffeine was added. Caffeine citrate is tart, but it does not taste as offensive as traditional caffeine.

The review, however, did not tell us how well the energy crystals worked to increase energy. The reviewer stated over and over again was how well the crystals mixed into the liquid or food. There is a link to a second review on the Get Fein website, but that link is broken.

There is only 75 mg of caffeine in each packet. The dieter can use multiple packets per day, as desired, but taking too much caffeine can cause negative side effects like dehydration and poor sleep. Caffeine is also known to increase hunger as metabolism increases. If you take caffeine as a standalone supplement, as is the case with Fein Energy Crystals, you will likely notice a change in appetite – so you should think about adding chromium or another natural appetite suppressant to your diet.

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  • Caffeine is proven to boost metabolism.
  • The product is taste-free.
  • Can be added to drinks and food.


  • Does not taste great mixed with lightly flavored drinks.
  • May cause negative side effects if you are sensitive to caffeine.
  • Should not be added to caffeinated beverages.


Fein Energy Crystals are more of a novelty item than a weight loss supplement. The crystals are easy to add to anything, but they also contain straight caffeine citrate, which will increase energy and cause water loss. If you are taking a fat burner, you should not take Fein Energy Crystals.

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