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GBG is a company located in Northern California. They sell liquid ten in one multivitamins. They started this product in 2007, and the liquid delivery is meant to help the vitamins absorb into the user as quickly as possible. Many users have had good results, and the company is doing fairly well, but their biggest problem seems to be shipping. It was taking up to four weeks from the time customers ordered the product to the time they actually got it, and many users did not like to wait this long. The problem has been improved since then, but they still do struggle with that part of their operations.

Because of the shipping problems, GBG offers a free bottle to former users who left because of shipping delays. The company is taking an active strategy to counter the problem, and appears to be effective. This product is very affordable, and comes in a 32 ounce bottle that lasts a month. Each bottle costs under $20, and this is pretty inexpensive compared to other multivitamin products. This product offers a 60 day hassle free guarantee on the liquid multivitamins.

List of Ingredients

GBG uses several different key ingredients to create a multivitamin, stress reliever, cardiovascular formula, and much more all in one liquid vitamin.

Product Features

This product boasts being the fastest absorbed multivitamin available. Because it is a liquid, it can be absorbed into the user at a higher rate than capsules because there is not a shell that needs to dissolve. Many people enjoy the rapid results, and think that the price is well worth it.

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  • The quick delivery of the multivitamin to the user is a major benefit, and many users prefer GBG’s liquid multivitamins to pills.
  • This multivitamin is inexpensive, and come in a convenient monthly bottle. This makes it easy to use, and convenient.


  • Some of the shipping problems still have not been worked out, and because of the rapid growth of the company, they cannot handle shipping some of the orders on time.
  • Some users complain that GBG’s multivitamin has a bitter taste, and is difficult to take.
  • Many reviews say that the liquid form is much less effective than pill form, and although it delivers results quicker, the results do not last as long.


This product offers rapid results, and customers love the immediate feeling they get from GBG’s liquid multivitamin. However, these results quickly fade, and the effects wear of quickly. Also, the shipping problems have not been totally fixed, and many users complain of a bitter taste. If you are looking for a multivitamin consult your family doctor to see if this liquid form will work for you.

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    Princs Awele Odor

    You have a VERY sweet-talking, aggressive and persuasive commercialisation of GBG vitamin supplement BUT no evidence of safety or approval. Why?I found that the FDA has not approved it. I did NOT find approval of it by the WHO. Are you using God for commercial ends–referring to GBG(Guided by God)?


  • 2
    Princs Awele Odor

    I have searched for evidence of the safety of BGB vitamin supplement and found NONE. I found that the FDA has not approved it. I did NOT find approval of it by the WHO. Are you using God for commercial ends–referring to GBG(Guided by God)?


  • 3
    oluwole sodeinde

    i learnt of your company and product through a friend. so i want to have full knowledge of your products and how your network marketing works


    Jose DelValle

    Great product and black and white company. Designed to succeed in network marketing but not necessary love it! So simple and the compensation plan is probably the top pay plan outthere
    Love to talk to you about it