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India, China and Indonesia have used Gotu Kola for many years for medicinal purposes. Various uses for gotu kola include healing wounds and treatment of skin disorders. There is no relationship between the kola nut and gotu kola as gotu kola does not contain caffeine and does not work as a stimulant. Even though the flower does produce a fruit, the leaves are reserved for use in medicinal treatments.

List of Ingredients

Centella Asiatica.

Product Features

The gotu kola plant has been studied for use in various medical treatments including varicose veins, anxiety and wound healing. Two studies on patients with insufficiency of veins (blood leaking from veins) showed increased tone and less leakage from veins when gotu kola was taken.

In mice studies, gotu kola was effective in reducing anxiety. This result is thought to be associated with triterpenoids found in gotu kola. The dose given to the mice was extremely high and thus there may be a difficult conversion from mice to humans. No human studies have been performed as of late.

The same triterpenoids that calm the body may work to speed up the healing process. Animal wounds treated with gotu kola healed faster than those not treated with the plant. The ointment was applied to the skin.

While clinical testing lengths vary, it is suggested that dieters take the supplement for no longer than six weeks. There have been cases where gotu kola has affected liver health. This also means patients with liver illness or disease should not take gotu kola. Other side effects associated with gotu kola include allergies of the skin, headache, stomach distress and dizziness.

Patients taking cholesterol medications, diabetes medications, diuretics or sedatives should not take gotu kola without prior consent from the attending / prescribing doctor.

Gotu kola sells online for $3 to $5 per bottle. The supplement is very inexpensive, but this does not mean the cheapest is the best. As is the case with any supplement, only purchase from a trusted manufacturer to ensure you are receiving authentic gotu kola.

We could find no associated between gotu kola and weight loss. If a diet supplement includes this ingredient it could have something to do with the possible diuretic qualities of gotu kola and nothing more.

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  • Gotu kola is inexpensive.
  • May help restore vein strength.


  • Will not boost weight loss.
  • No fat burning qualities.
  • Will not boost metabolism.


We do not generally support an ingredient that does not help the dieter lose weight. Gotu kola may help some dieters if there are vein problems or anxiety, but weight loss will not be increased by taking this supplement nor will hunger be decreased at all.

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    Virgie Thorntoni

    I understand that Gotu Kola will increase your memory. Can I rely on this information?