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Every dieter wants to take a cheat day once in a while without feeling guilty for eating foods they should not eat. Cheat foods typically contain high carbohydrate and high fat content. Health HNS Fat Cutter is designed to take the pressure off the dieter who wants to eat that little extra fat once in a while. The supplement contains several ingredients, but only one has fat cutting ability. The other ingredients are just along for the ride.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin D, Calcium, Cassia Nomame.

LipoBlend: Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, D-L-Methionine, Lecithin and L-Carnitine Tartrate.

Product Features

Vitamin D and calcium are important to bone health, but calcium offers an additional benefit. In clinical testing, increased calcium intake resulted in increased fat passage during normal bowel movements. There is very little information on why calcium causes this effect, but it is clearly a positive effect on weight loss. Passing fat out of the body and binding to fat are two different things. Health HNS Fat Cutter claims to bind to fat. Calcium does not have that effect nor does vitamin D.

Cassia Nomame is the active ingredient that is supposed to bind to fats. In reality, the ingredient turns off the receptors that metabolize fat so some of the fat may pass out of the body undigested. This, by no means, is the same as binding to fat. Dieters cannot eat meals high in fat and expect to lose weight even if they are taking a supplement containing Cassia Nomame.

None of the other ingredients bind to fat or increase the passage of fat out of the body. These ingredients may have other effects on the body, but these effects do not support the fat binding claims made by Health HNS Fat Cutter.

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  • Calcium is proven to increase the amount of fat passed out of the body during normal bowel movements.
  • Cassia Nomame may inhibit the digestion of fats.
  • The supplement ingredients support bone health.


  • Taking Health HNS Fat Cutter does not give the dieter free reign to eat high-fat meals.
  • The effect of the supplement is likely minimal.
  • This is not a weight loss supplement.
  • Will not increase metabolism or reduce hunger.


Health HNS Fat Cutter is just another supplement making huge claims the ingredient list cannot back-up. Calcium may increase fat loss and cassia nomame may inhibit fat digestion, but the effects are not extraordinary. This supplement is missing proven ingredients like green tea, caffeine and chromium. The supplement does nothing to address the effect of sugar on hunger nor does it attempt to suppress that hunger. Dieters should look for a supplement that increases fat loss with a healthy diet and exercise.

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