Irish Moss Powder Review

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What You Should Know

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Irish Moss Powder is packed with electrolytes, so it is the perfect addition to a sports supplement program. The moss powder is commonly used as a source of iodine. Too many dieters actually think that salt is the only source of iodine, but that is not the case. Supplemental iodine is available from many other natural sources and may prove beneficial for the dieter who wants to control sodium intake and support healthy thyroid function. Irish Moss Powder is one of those supplement ingredients you don’t hear much about because few people actually take the ingredient as a standalone supplement. Basically, the powder is added to other powders to create a holistic supplement.

You can purchase Irish Moss Powder online for less than $20 a pound and a pound goes a long way. The daily dose is about ¾ of a teaspoon, so that pound will last a very long time. Ideally, the powder would be combined with other powders and used in salads or smoothies to support overall health.

List Of Ingredients


  • Powder of the Irish Moss plant.

Product Features

The supplement description we found for Irish Moss was pretty impressive. Based on that description, Irish Moss Powder can help a dieter lose weight, increase metabolism, increase iron, boost thyroid function and control blood sugar levels, among many other benefits. There is also mention of estrogen control, cancer recovery and recovery from radiation poisoning. There are clinical studies on Irish Moss Powder available for the dieter to learn more about the medical benefits of the powder.

With such a long list of benefits why would the dieter not choose Irish Moss Powder for daily use? Well, as is the case with all supplements, the benefits listed are not necessarily as evident as one may like to see. Just because the powder supports a healthy metabolism does not mean it will cause weight loss. A healthy metabolism must be paired with diet and exercise to produce weight loss. This also goes for benefits like controlled blood sugar and reduced blood pressure. Irish Moss Powder can only do so much if the dieter does not make any lifestyle changes.

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  • May improve overall health.
  • May support healthy metabolism and weight loss.
  • May reduce blood pressure.
  • Many possible healthy benefits.


  • Irish Moss Powder is not going to boost metabolism and cause weight loss without lifestyle changes.
  • The powder may not be safe for all dieters.
  • Contains iron and iodine.


Irish Moss Powder is not the perfect supplement, though it is rather healthy based on the product description. We found plenty of research and articles online about Irish Moss Powder, but we doubt it is effective unless the dieter makes some much needed lifestyle changes.

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