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Kranker Extreme Speed gels are used to boost energy and reduce appetite. Considered a dietary supplement, Kranker Extreme Speed gels are promoted as metabolism boosters that also reduce appetite. Some websites claim that Kranker Extreme forces natural ingredients into your blood stream that have the ability to burn fat. They claim that it energizes your metabolism 300% faster than similar supplements. Since this is a liquid filled gel tablet, there could be some truth to the claim that it works faster than other, similar supplements.

Some of the individual ingredients in Kranker Extreme Speed gels have had their individual beneficial health claims proved by clinical trials. There has been no clinical trial or scientific data to back up the claims made by IDS (makers of Kranker Extreme), and there is no supporting evidence that their proprietary blend is successful. The Food and Drug Administration has not had any feedback on the gel tabs, and there are no testimonials or personal reviews.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia Cactus, Citrus Arantium, Gelatin, Water, Glycerine. Proprietary Blend: Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Bioprene, Coleus Forskolin, Uva Ursi, Bergamottin.

Product Features

Kranker Extreme Speed gels may have been discontinued. Many sites that once sold the gels now have messages that either state that they are out of stock or that the pill has been discontinued. There is no official website to verify Kranker Extreme Speed gels’ status with.

The dosage instructions state that this product should be taken 2 or three times a day. Two capsules per dose are recommended, but they encourage you not to exceed 6 capsules in one day. Many websites suggest that the product should be taken daily over four consecutive weeks in order to see optimum results. Pills should be taken before meals and physical activity.

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  • This product uses attractive red and white capsules.


  • Hoodia is listed in the ingredients but it’s not Hoodia Gordonii.
  • This product is loaded with stimulants.
  • This product seems to have been discontinued at the time of this review.


Kranker Extreme Speed Gels will probably give you a boost of energy because they contain a lot of various stimulants. We don’t like how Hoodia Cactus is one of the ingredients because that is completely misleading. Hoodia Cactus doesn’t really do anything at all. It’s only Hoodia Gordonii that helps suppress your appetite and reduce food cravings. This product looks like it was mostly made from pure hype and seems to be discontinued. You might be able to find a bottle if you search around enough but we advise against taking any product that isn’t carried by multiple sites with a good reputation.

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