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Natural Max Fat-X is a fat inhibitor. The ingredients in the formula are supposed to decrease the impact of fats on weight gain. The manufacturer suggests taking the supplement with a reduced fat diet consisting of no more than 30-percent fat. This reduction in fat intake may be enough to promote weight loss. Cassia nomame, one ingredient in Natural Max Fat-X, may inhibit the breakdown of fat. It is estimated that cassia nomame can effectively inhibit up to 60-percent of dietary fats.

List of Ingredients

Inhibitor Blend: Paprika Fruit Extract, Turmeric Root Extract, Red Wine Extract and Green Tea Leaf Extract.

Cassia Nomame.

Product Features

The Inhibitor Blend contains several ingredients with preliminary weight loss benefits. Turmeric has recently been promoted as a weight loss ingredient. It binds with certain receptors causing an increase in fat burn. The results will not be extraordinary, but weight loss could be a slow and steady result of adding turmeric to the diet.

Green tea leaf extract is the subject of hundreds of clinical studies. EGCG and caffeine, both present in green tea leaf extract, are proven to increase metabolism. Caffeine increases metabolism by increasing heart rate and calorie burn. EGCG does not require caffeine or other stimulants to increase metabolism, therefore decaffeinated sources of EGCG are just as potent as caffeinated forms.

Cassia nomame is the main ingredient in Natural Max Fat-X. This ingredient inhibits the absorption of fats. There are varying numbers listed online for how much fat is inhibited with percentages ranging from 25-percent to 60-percent. If dieters are looking to inhibit fat, Alli is a clinical proven over the counter version of a prescription medication that will inhibit fat and may cost less than supplements claiming to have the same effect.

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  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • Cassia nomame is proven to inhibit fat absorption.
  • Contains green tea, a good source of caffeine and EGCG.


  • May block less than 125 calories.
  • Alli is clinically proven to have the same effect.
  • Dieters eating a low fat diet will see little effect.
  • The Inhibitor Blend contains only 40 mg – there is no enough green tea.


Natural Max Fat-X is a fat blocker with one main ingredient associated with fat inhibition. Cassia nomame will block the absorption of some fat, but the manufacturer suggests the dieter eat about 30-percent of daily calories from fat. Of that 30-percent, cassia nomame may block as little as 25-percent. If a dieter eats a 2,000 calorie diet, 600 calories would be from fat. Cassia nomame would clock as little as 125 of those calories. Not a huge impact. With diet and exercise, however, this supplement could help the dieter lose more weight. It will not decrease hunger.

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