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Nuratrim is a natural weight loss supplement with four simple ingredients, according to the official website. Dieters can benefit from a 12X increase in metabolism and reduced appetite thanks to this powerful pill; if you believe the product description on the official website. If Nuratrim offers clinically proven ingredients and a wealth of testimonials with before and after photos we could step on the bandwagon and ride the weight loss train, but the ingredient list doesn’t live up to the task and there are no before and after photos.

List of Ingredients


  • Licorice Extract
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Glucomannan
  • Capsicum Extract

Product Features

Licorice root is touted as an antioxidant clinically proven to reduce BMI and cholesterol. No study link is listed and we did not find the study mentioned on the official website. We did find mention of laxative effects and a warning that licorice root should not be consumed with diuretics. This warning is not listed on the Nuratrim website.

Green coffee extract is a hot and trending weight loss ingredient. There is some preliminary support from weight loss experts, but large-scale weight loss studies on overweight and obese dieters have not been completed.

Glucomannan is not a new ingredient. This water-soluble fiber is supposed to blow up in the stomach essentially eliminating hunger. When the ingredient first hit the market it was nicknamed gastric bypass in a bottle because hunger was reduced so dramatically. While we support hunger suppression, many overweight and obese dieters eat beyond hunger so reducing hunger may not reduce food intake.

Capsicum is probably the best ingredient in Nuratrim. The hot pepper extract may increase metabolism and support weight loss. The results are not going to be weight loss surgery dramatic, but you may notice a few extra calories burned each day.

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  • Ingredients in Nuratrim are listed online.
  • The official website sells the supplement directly.
  • Only four, relatively safe, ingredients.


  • None of the ingredients is going to produce dramatic weight loss.
  • Little clinical study has been completed on the ingredients.


Nuratrim is just another weight loss supplement making claims it cannot support with clinical research. The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar business and even though supplements like Nuratrim don’t have clinical support or testimonials supporting weight loss achieved by real people, desperate dieters buy products like it every day. When choosing a supplement pick one with a complete ingredient list, with total amounts for each ingredient, clinical support and real-life testimonials from people like you.

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